Monday, October 09, 2006

Saddam and "Chemical" Ali May Face Death by Hanging if Convicted of Genocide

"I'd like to ask Saddam: 'What crime did women and children commit'?"---an Iraqi Kurd witness testifying at Saddam's genocide trial

Below is posted an excerpt from a news story about real genocide, not the fake genocide the CO-AIM activist Ward Churchill has fabricated.

I think it is a real eye-opener that Ward Churchill's Colorado American Indian Movement [CO-AIM] admits that AIM got money from Saddam's Baathist Party for AIM's political operations.

Maybe that is why Ward Churchill opposed the U.N. Sanctions on Iraq and called for the lynching of our elected leaders and their appointed officials. Here is Ward Churchill calling for a lynch mob immediately after the "opportunity" provided by 9-11:

"Were the opportunity acted upon in some reasonably good faith fashion – a sufficiently large number of Americans rising up and doing whatever is necessary to force an immediate lifting of the sanctions on Iraq, for instance, or maybe hanging a few of America's abundant supply of major war criminals (Henry Kissinger comes quickly to mind, as do Madeline [sic, Madeleine] Albright, Colin Powell, Bill Clinton and George the Elder) – there is every reason to expect that military operations against the US on its domestic front would be immediately suspended." [Ward Churchill, "Some People Push Back."]

I don't think Churchill cared about the fate of Iraqi children because he didn't complain when Saddam murdered Iraqi adults and children and dumped them in mass graves.

Churchill didn't complain when Saddam attacked his neighbor Kuwait or stole the oil-for-food money that was meant for Iraqi children.

So it's not "Home Sweet Home."

Adjust! This is Snapple's opinion!

Here is an Iraqi Kurd woman testifying in an Iraqi court about the American Indian Movement's sometime benefactor, the genocidal Saddam:

Oct 9, 11:17 AM (ET)


BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - Prison guards under Saddam Hussein used to bury detainees alive and watch women as they bathed, occasionally shooting over their heads, a former female prisoner testified Monday in the genocide trial of the ex-president....

Saddam and six co-defendants have been on trial since Aug. 21 for their roles in a bloody 1987-1988 crackdown against Kurdish rebels. Saddam and his cousin "Chemical" Ali al-Majid are charged with genocide, and the others are accused of various war crimes offenses.

All could face death by hanging if convicted.

A prison warden [a Kurdish witness] identified as Hajaj - whose name has been given by earlier witnesses in the trial - "used to drag women, their hands and feet shackled, and leave them in a scorching sun for several hours."

"Soldiers used to watch us bathe," said the woman. The guards also fired over the women's heads as they washed.

The woman said several relatives disappeared during the offensive against the Kurds. "I know the fate of my family (members). They were buried alive," she testified.
The prosecution presented the court with documents showing that remains of the women's relatives turned up in a mass grave.

"I'd like to ask Saddam: 'What crime did women and children commit'?" the woman said in court. [Full text]


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