Friday, November 03, 2006

University of Colorado Regents Considering Criminal Background Checks for Tenure Candidates!

Paula Pant of the Colorado Daily (11-2-06) reports that the University of Colorado is considering doing criminal background checks on professors before granting them tenure.

Pant reports:

The tenure-granting process at CU could soon change.

The CU Board of Regents at meetings Wednesday and Thursday heard two presentations recommending improvements in the tenure processes and ways to implement those changes.

The recommendations include conducting criminal background checks on tenure candidates and clarifying the standards of the tenure-granting process.

The regents are expected to vote on the recommendations in December...

The regents' meeting coincided with the district court appearance of tenured CU ethnic studies professor Ward Churchill, who is under review for dismissal for research misconduct.

Critics have alleged that Churchill, who does not hold a doctorate degree, was too hastily awarded tenure. Some attribute Churchill's tenure to be partly based on his assertion that he is a Native American.


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