Sunday, November 18, 2007

Vladimir Putin Plans to Continue at the Helm of Russia!

Picture credit: "Demonstrations in support of a third term for President Vladimir Putin were held across Russia, including Chechnya, on October 24. As Kommersant noted on October 25, while both the Kremlin and the pro-Kremlin United Russia party claimed the demonstrations were spontaneous actions "from below," members of Russia's political opposition claim they were organized "from above" by United Russia."

I have mentioned before on my blog that observers such as the American journalist David Satter, the late Alexander Litvinenko, and the late Anna Politkovskaya believe that Russia's President Putin was behind the Russian apartment bombings. These observers have contended that the 1999 bombings, which were blamed on the Chechens, provided a pretext for the Second Chechen War and that the anger over the bombings catpulted Putin to power.

It is hard to know the truth, but Polikovskaya and Litvinenko were horribly murdered, and both claimed that Putin was behind these bombings. Readers can learn more about these two individuals by searching their last names on this blog. Both had also published books detailing their views. David Satter published an April 30, 2002 article in the National Review about the apartment bombings called "The Shadow of Ryazan." David Satter has a site with articles at the Hoover Institution and at the Hudson Institute, but his articles are complete and free at the Hudson Institute.

I asked a retired government employee who had served in the former Soviet Union if he thought that Putin would actually blow up the homes of his own people, and this individual said that Putin would be capable of that.

Now the Jamestown Foundation's Eurasia Daily Monitor reports on Russian media speculation that President Vladimir Putin is planning to continue at the helm of the Russian state by "exploiting loopholes in Russia’s constitution and electoral laws."

The Eurasia Daily Monitor reports:

Russian President Vladimir Putin recently gave the strongest hint to date that he plans on remaining at the helm of the ship of state following the end of his second and final constitutionally mandated term next May. Putin, who will head the federal list of
candidates for the pro-Kremlin United Russia party in the December 2 State Duma elections, told workers in Krasnoyarsk on November 13: “If the people vote for United Russia, whose list I lead, it means that they trust me and, in turn, means that I will have the moral right to hold those in the Duma and the Cabinet responsible for the implementation of the objectives that have been identified so far.” Putin added: “In what form will I do this? I will refrain for now from providing a direct answer. But various possibilities exist” (Moscow Times, November 14). [full text]

One of President Putin's American cheerleaders is a former Grand Wizard of the KKK, the infamous David Duke. This odious white supremacist Duke has even written an article lauding Putin and defaming Jews. The article is called "Why Putin is Under Attack." Duke claims that Putin is being attacked because of the Jews.

David Duke received his Ph.D. from a Ukrainian University that promotes anti-Semitism and has written a book called Jewish Supremacism: My Awakening on the Jewish Question. This book has been published in Russia where
Politkovskaya's and Litvinenko's books are banned.

Some readers may think that only in "backward" places like the Ukraine do university professors teach hatred, but actually some professors and universities in America also promote anti-Semitism.

Until he was fired for his dishonest scholarship, the fake Indian ex-Professor Ward Churchill used his bully pulpit at the University of Colorado to spew hatred and to defend murderous dictators and terrorists.

Just as in Stalin's Russia or Hitler's Germany, Ward Churchill accuses his critics of being part of a big conspiracy; and his cynical hate-mongering is masked as progressive, enlightened, "scientific" scholarship in an attempt to fool gullible people.

The plagiarist, historical fabricator, and fake Indian Ward Churchill even "jokingly" claims that American mothers should "snuff" their babies and themselves because they are damaging the ecology of the Earth. What kind of science is that? Churchill talks about American mothers and babies the way that Hitler talked about the Jewish vermin who were supposedly infecting Germany and plotting to take over the world.

In Ukraine and Russia, anti-Semitic campaigns have historically been very dangerous for Jews, but the regime's main pupose has always been to exploit old, ignorant prejudices in order to manipulate and repress the non-Jewish majority.

The most famous anti-semitic work in modern times is a forgery called The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. The provenance of this forgery has been debated, but there is little doubt, based on analysis of the text, that it was falsely attributed to Jews who were purportedly potting world domination. Even today this old forgery is recycled to unsophisticated audiences in order to fan anti-Semitism.

Sometimes spies or political operators circulate disinformation in the form of false documents calculated to discredit their enemies. For example, Dan Rather was tricked into promoting forged, word-processed documents about President Bush's Vietnam-era service in the Texas National Guard. During the Vietnam War, the Texas National Guard only had typewriters. This scandal became known as "Rathergate."

Many people were also tricked by Ward Churchill's fabricated history of the Mandan genocide as well as by his fabricated claim that the FBI backed death-squads murdered 342 Indians at Pine Ridge Indian reservation.

I think Churchill based his fabricated anti-FBI conspiracy
on the true story of the Osage Indian Murders, one of the first big cases that the Bureau of Investigation, the forerunner of the FBI, solved. Here are FBI documents about the Osage Indian Murders.


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