Sunday, May 04, 2008

When You Get in Trouble and You Don't Know Right From Wrong...

A belligerent drunk who Ben Whitmer claims is the discredited ex-professor Ward Churchill has surfaced as the author of a guest editorial on Whitmer's filthy pro-Churchill blog Tryworks.

"Ward Churchill" is making a lot of peverted, sexually degrading comments about his enemies--especially Jim Paine.

Jim Paine of Pirateballerina responds to "Ward Churchill's" remarks, and John Martin of The Drunkablog also picks up the story.

The poster who identifies himself as "Ward Churchill" says that Mr. Paine is "stomping on his own dick" and orders him to "stop yankin’ on that pitifully undernourished nub you call a 'luv muscle' and listen up. Your miniature woody’s already wilted, and I promise that the tale I’m about to tell will not be told in a manner too turgid for your notoriously tasteless sensibilities."

If this poster really is the former University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill, then he is showing the whole world just how sick he is, although people who have read his books and articles already know that.

"Ward Churchill" closes with the sort of vague threat that is so characteristic of his missives:

There’s a lesson to be learned from all this, Bubba, but I think I’ll just let you sit around and fester for a while, trying to figure it out. You will, eventually. You can trust me on that score. I know about such things, and I doubt you’re going to find it especially amusing.

Seems to me that the only Bubba who is sitting around and festering as he tries to figure out the lesson to be learned is "Wardo."

By the way, here is Wardo's member captured on Youtube.

I guess some little peckerwood never learned this song.


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