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Ex-Professor Ward Churchill on "the Meaning of Freedom"

"Ultimately, you have one tangible freedom in the United States: you’re free to do exactly what you’re told, all the time. That’s the one freedom you have."---Ward Churchill

The discredited ex-professor Ward Churchill is always pontificating about free speech, but he is a dishonest researcher who mischaracterizes, misappropriates, and plagiarizes the research of honest scholars and often characterizes his opponents' words as "hate speech."

Ward Churchill himself engages in hate speech every time he steps onto his soapbox, and he is free to continue to do so; but maybe he should consider using some of that soap to wash his mouth out!

My blog has chronicled the ex-teacher's free speech, which he has often used to tell audiences in very graphic language who he thinks deserves to be snuffed, burned alive, shot, fragged, hanged, kneecapped, dismembered, stabbed in the throat, and so on.

I have noticed that, while impersonating an Indian, Ward Churchill writes fabrications that undermine the sovereignty of American Indian tribes as well as the reputation of the FBI and the U.S. Army.

The delusional ex-professor, who has often characterized real Indians as government stooges, even claims in the KGB mouthpiece Covert Action Information Bulletin (Summer 1985) that FBI-backed death squads murdered 342 Indians.

Finally, a retired FBI agent named Joseph H. Trimbach and his son John M.Trimbach are taking on Churchill's anti-FBI propaganda in a new book called American Indian Mafia. They have even started a blog called AIM Myth Busters. The Trimbachs' book is countering the fabricated history that Ward Churchill and others have written.

The really neat thing about American Indian Mafia is that it highlights some really brave Indians who have used their free speech to tell the truth in this book and in court. Hollywood should make a movie about these heroes instead of championing lying thugs like Leonard Peltier.

This is a good book for Indian teens to read because it shows kids that they have living heroes who are winning battles in court against the forces that vilify them and victimize their nations.

Ward Churchill was fired from the University of Colorado on July 24, 2007, for violating the rules of scholarship at his university. It wasn't his free speech that got him fired, it was his dishonest research.

The Indian law professor John LaVelle demonstrated that Ward Churchill's historical falsifications were undermining Indian sovereignty as far back as 1996 and 1999, long before the Rocky Mountain News looked into Ward Churchill's fraud, mischaracterization, misrepresentation, and plagiarism.

Professor Thomas Brown published two articles in Plagiary, here and here, that exposed Ward Churchill's smallpox research as fabrications---anti-American canards that purported to prove that the U.S. Army used biological warfare to deliberately infect the Mandan Indians with smallpox.

Accusing the U.S. of biowarfare is an old KGB propaganda theme which they used in 1987 to defame an old friend of mine named Brent Anderson, so I didn't forget it.

When Brent fell ill in China, the Soviet media claimed that he was a biological weapon against the USSR who had been sent to China to give the Chinese AIDs "because China has a long border with Russia"! This moronic lie shows the low level of propagandist the KGB employed during the 1980s.

When the State Department complained to the Soviets in August 1987, the KGB finally abandoned their stupid AIDs disinformation campaign. The Russian foreign intelligence chief Yevgeni Primakov subsequently admitted that the KGB had fabricated and circulated the anti-American canard that a U.S. Army laboratory had developed the AIDs virus in order to kill blacks. This admission was published in Izvestia on March 19, 1992.

Only when the public heard about Ward Churchill's vicious 9-11 essay "Some People Push Back," was the University of Colorado finally forced by the bad publicity to confront Churchill's dishonest smallpox research and other transparent fables.

In the November 2005 issue of Briarpatch Magazine, the interviewer fell into Ward Churchill's trap when he framed Churchill's problems in terms of free speech:

You are under attack right now by a country that purports to value free speech. How does that make you feel?

Ward Churchill responded by denigrating Americans:

Well, I never believed they really valued free speech anyway. What I tell my students is, “You’re in the United States. You’ve never read the thing, but the Constitution guarantees you certain rights. And you unequivocally have those rights, right up until the moment you exercise one. [laughter] Ultimately, you have one tangible freedom in the United States: you’re free to do exactly what you’re told, all the time. That’s the one freedom you have.

And the alternative? Well, we’ve got cages. We’ve got clubs. We’ve got the 82 nd Airborne Division. What have you got?

What have I got? Well, I guess I don't think I'm so powerless. I've got the truth, free speech, and my blog. I've even got a job.

What have you got, Wardo? I guess you've still got your blogs and your free speech, too. And the occasional soapbox.


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