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U.S. District Judge Marcia Krieger Draws the Line in Her Denver Federal Court

"All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others."--a proclaimation by Orwellian Pigs

"We are going to end up looking like animals locked up in a cage. They claim that the delegates will be able to walk by us and interact...but they are going to be afraid to come near us."--Recreate68! spokespig Mark Cohen

"U.S. District Judge Marcia Krieger agreed that the protesters would suffer some infringement on their freedom of expression but said those interests had to be balanced with security concerns.

'The restrictions inhibit the plaintiffs' ability to engage in some forms of expressive conduct, (but) ... the plaintiffs have a wide variety of alternative means of expression that will allow them to effectively communicate their messages,' Krieger wrote in her 71-page ruling."---Reuters (8-7-08) [See Krieger's ruling]

Whatever Denver does to accomodate the different groups of Americans who want to demonstrate and exercise their free speech at the DNC, it won't be enough for the spoiled Recreate68! anarchists (pictured above).

What Recreate68! really is spoiling for is not free speech but the opportunity to start a riot that will endanger the security of Denver's people, convention guests, and demonstrators.

There are even press reports that some radical Denver demonstrators will use super soakers to douse the police with urine in order to provoke them.

Recreate68! leaders claim that they have no plans to use urine against the police and that such a thing has ever happened; but according to evidence presented in Judge Krieger's court, urine was thrown in 1999 during violent demonstrations in Seattle that targeted the World Trade Organization:

On the day the [1999 Seattle WTO] meeting began, vandalism and looting of stores continued, protesters formed human chains so as to block access to intersections and buildings, threw bottles, rocks, and urine at police, lit fires, and assaulted innocent citizens. [page 29]

One of the plantiffs in Judge Krieger's court was the American Indian Movement (AIM). Some leaders in AIM are also leaders in Recreate68! The NY Times (9-29-83), reports that this is what happened in 1973, when AIM terrorists occupied the Indian Village of Wounded Knee:

The AIM people destroyed the homes of Indian residents. They stole valuables and burnt furniture. They shot pets, dogs and cats, and smashed children's tricycles. They defecated and urinated on floors—after having "purified" themselves in "sweat" rituals. Sanitation does not obtain in the Indian movement."

The real agenda of the Recreate68! provocateurs is propagandistic: they want to depict the American courts, police, and government as oppressive.

Recreate68! kingpig Glenn Spagnuolo (who is also involved with AIM) spoke at a press conference shown on Youtube.

"Free Speech" Spagnuolo sported a machine gun on his "Protect Denver" t-shirt and threatened the city with violence because he didn't like U.S. District Judge Marcia Krieger's interpretation of the Constitution.

The federal judge ruled on Wednesday, August 6, 2008, that the Recreate68! extremists are not the only people whose rights are entitled to protection; the security of the public is entitled to be equally protected. The court ruled that Recreate 68's right to express itself is not absolute and must be balanced by the right of the public to be secure.

"Free Speech" Spagnuolo was mightily pissed off when Judge Marcia Krieger told him "No!" and firmly explained that he could not hog the whole Constitution as if it were his private property. He would have to share it with the rest of us.

Glenn vented:

[Y]ou try to remain nonviolent in the face of overwhelming oppression and violence. But we do expect the police to get violent--they train for it every day--they're spending millions of dollars to get weapons so they can act violent every single day. So we expect them to act violent in that way. But you know, it's a testament to when protest becomes effective the government becomes repressive.

...Revolution starts with one word, that word's no, and we're saying no to the federal courts. [Hat Tip Mr. Martin]

It occurs to me that Glenn's problem is that nobody at home ever told him "No, Kingpiggy, you have to share!" and made it stick. So this little piggy grew up and is still saying "No! It's all mine!" like a spoiled toddler defying the grown ups.

I thank the federal court and U.S. District Judge Marcia Krieger for defending the Constitutional rights of people in Denver and for saying "No! You must share the Constitution" to the likes of Glenn "Free Speech" Spagnuolo, Mark "Spokespig" Cohen, and Ben "Wood Rasp" Whitmer.

As Dr. Zhivago's old father said to the Bolsheviks who were robbing him, "I'm one of the people, too."

All the Recreate68! crew know how to do is posture hypocritically in front of the cameras and encourage younger people to endanger themselves, vandalize property, and injure others. The people Spagnuolo, Cohen, and Whitmer may hurt the most are their misguided young followers.

If Recreate68! anarchists think their ideas are so good, why don't they organize into a political party, hold their own convention, and put forward a candidate for president?

The reasons they don't do this are that anarchists are like preschool drama queens: They aren't psychologically capable of cooperating with each other, and the people, whom the anarchists claim to speak for, would never elect them. Also, Recreate68! is a communist organization that doesn't believe in elections.

Listen, Recreate68! If we want you to speak for us, we will vote for you, get it? Until then, you speak only for yourselves.

The people of Denver, acting through their elected leaders, have made many accomodations for the exhibitionist anarchist-extortionists; but now a federal court has drawn a line in the sand and ruled that the Constitution gives the people of Denver some rights, too.

FOX News (8-7-08) reported on Recreate 68's Thursday (8-7-08) press conference and listed the many accomodations that the people have made for the extortionists who are threatening violence:

Organizers of Recreate 68 addressed a judge's ruling surrounding security restrictions for protesters during the DNC saying "the district court's decision basically denied civil liberties and denied the first amendment."

..."We are going to end up looking like animals locked up in a cage. They claim that the delegates will be able to walk by us and interact with them, but they are going to be afraid to come near us," said Recreate 68 spokesperson Mark Cohen.

Judge Marcia S. Krieger's ruling says the establishment of a demonstration zone and parade routes don't infringe on free speech because they're content-neutral and don't affect the protesters' ability to express opinions.

A list of Denver's efforts to support free speech during the Democratic National Convention include the following:

-Provision of 96 opportunities for assemblies in 12 downtown parks from August 22 through August 29, to organizations with diverse viewpoints.

-Provision of a roughly 50,000 square foot public area -with a stage and amplification system - where demonstrators and the general public can express views within sight and sound of delegates entering the Pepsi Center and Invesco Field at Mile High. Delegates can choose to come within eight feet of the public viewing area if they want.

-Provisions enabling demonstrators' pamphlets and electronic communications to be available to delegatesProvision - without the usual fees - of a designated parade route through downtown connecting marchers and the public to the event site all four days of the Convention

-Ability of people to speak freely in virtually all public spaces and on walkways throughout the City, except those closed to the public for security reasons

-Provision of innovative opportunities for public expression and participation through multimedia initiatives like, Dialog City, and America: Live and In Person


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