Saturday, September 13, 2008

Russell Means' Former Bodyguard Dick Marshall Indicted for Aiding and Abetting in the First Degree Murder of Anna Mae Aquash

AIMster Russell Means' former bodyguard Vine Richard Marshall (above) of Rapid City, also known as “Dick Marshall”--picture and story from Rapid City Journal (8-29-08)

As noted earlier, Russell Means' former bodyguard Dick Marshall has been indicted for aiding and abetting in the first degree murder of Anna Mae Aquash. She was shot to death in December 1975.

According to Paul DeMain, editor of News from Indian Country:

"[Richard] Marshall, the bodyguard of American Indian Movement (AIM) leader Russell Means in 1975, has been accused by federal witnesses close to the case of having provided the gun for which Aquash was killed." [NFIC, "U.S. indicts Richard Marshall in Aquash murder case."]

Mr. DeMain also writes that Native American investigative journalists have now identified 13 people murdered by the American Indian Movement (AIM) during the 1970s.

The Minneapolis FBI has posted this press release (8-26-08) about Dick Marshall's indictment:

Second Indictment Issued for Anna Mae Pictou Aquash Murder Announced

US Attorney Marty J. Jackley announced that a Rapid City man has been indicted by a federal grand jury for aiding and abetting in the first degree murder of Anna Mae Pictou Aquash on or about December 12, 1975. Vine Richard Marshall aka Dick Marshall, was indicted by a federal grand jury on August 20, 2008, for aiding and abetting first degree murder. He appeared before US Magistrate Judge Veronica L. Duffy on August 26, 2008, and pled not guilty to the indictment. The penalty upon conviction is mandatory life imprisonment. The charge is merely an accusation and Marshall is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty. US Attorney Marty Jackley stated that, “this investigation remains open and I am, therefore, not providing further information at this time.” Fritz Arlo Looking Cloud and John Graham aka John Boy Patton have been previously charged by separate indictment for committing and aiding and abetting in the first degree murder of Anna Mae Pictou Aquash. In February 2004, Looking Cloud was convicted for his role in the offense. He was sentenced to life imprisonment in April 2004. Graham’s jury trial is presently scheduled to commence in Rapid City on October 6, 2008. The investigation is being conducted by the FBI. US Attorney Marty Jackley and Assistant US Attorney Robert A. Mandel are prosecuting the case. Marshall was remanded to the custody of the US Marshal. A trial date has not yet been set.

See also U.S. Attorney Marty J. Jackley's press release (8-26-08).

The trial of another American Indian Movement thug, John Graham, begins on October 6. The prosecution will present evidence that Graham raped Anna Mae in Rapid City, South Dakota, before she was shot in the head, pushed over a cliff, and left to freeze to death in the Badlands on a ranch north of Wanblee, South Dakota.

According to the Indian journalist Paul DeMain:

"Clyde Bellecourt, Russell, Bill, and Ted Means, Lorelie DeCora, Madonna Gilbert Thunderhawk, Attorney Bruce Ellison, Troy Lynn Irving and her auntie Theda Nelson Clark...may still be indicted...Justice will only be served when those in AIM leadership/security roles are brought to justice for the manipulation and orders they gave others to do their dirty work, and are forced to concede their roles."

Mr. DeMain keeps archives of stories about the Aquash murder investigation here and here.

American Indian Movement propagandists such as the discredited ex-professor Ward Churchill depict AIM as heroes, but really the leadership was a criminal cult like the Charles Manson gang. AIM apologist Ward Churchill even claimed in a KGB/Cuban-sponsored publication, The Covert Action Information Bulletin, that FBI-backed death-squads killed 342 Indians. In fact, it was the AIM who was murdering people.

KGB records brought to the West by the defector Vasili Mitrokhin reveal that the AIM lawyer Mark Lane had a relationship with the KGB. He was also the lawyer for Jonestown and was one of a handful of people to escape that day when everyone was poisoned with cyanide or shot. Then Mark Lane wrote a book that claimed that the CIA killed those 900 people.

Vasili Mitrokhin notes that the KGB sponsors of The Covert Action Information Bulletin were on the lookout for atrocities like Jonestown to blame on the CIA.


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