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New York Times Notes Senator Obama's Relationship with 60s Weatherman Terrorist Bill Ayers

"Most of the bombs the Weathermen were blamed for had been placed to do only property damage, a fact Mr. Ayers emphasizes in his memoir. But a 1970 pipe bomb in San Francisco attributed to the group killed one police officer and severely hurt another. An accidental 1970 explosion in a Greenwich Village town house basement killed three radicals; survivors later said they had been making nail bombs to detonate at a military dance at Fort Dix in New Jersey. And in 1981, in an armed robbery of a Brinks armored truck in Nanuet, N.Y., that involved Weather Underground members including Kathy Boudin and David Gilbert, two police officers and a Brinks guard were killed....In his memoir, Mr. Ayers was evasive as to which bombings he had a hand in, writing that 'some details cannot be told.'"--New York Times (10-4-08)

Today the New York Times (10-4-08) manages to notice Senator Obama's relationship with the Weatherman terrorist Bill Ayers. Bill Ayers was a spoiled, arrogant child of privilege who attended the very beautiful and exclusive Lake Forest Academy in Lake Forest, Illinois. He thought that the rules didn't appy to him because he was better than everyone else.

Creepiest NYT quote:

Most of the bombs the Weathermen were blamed for had been placed to do only property damage...

According to Wikipedia:

The Weathermen were initially part of the Revolutionary Youth Movement (RYM) within the SDS, splitting from the RYM's Maoists by claiming there was no time to build a vanguard party and that revolutionary war against the United States government and the capitalist system should begin immediately. Their founding document called for the establishment of a "white fighting force" to be allied with the "Black Liberation Movement" and other "anti-colonial" movements[2] to achieve "the destruction of US imperialism and achieve a classless world: world communism."[3]

A lot of people think the Weathermen are gone, but an article by Jesse Lemisch, Professor Emeritus of History at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, suggests otherwise. In an article titled "Weather Underground Rises from the Ashes: They're Baack!" Professor Lemisch writes:

Veterans of Weather (as well as some fans) seem to be on a drive to rehabilitate, cleanse, and perhaps revive it -- not necessarily as a new organization, but rather as an ideological component of present and future movements. There have been signs of such a sanitization and romanticization for some time. A landmark in this rehabilitation is Bill Ayers, Fugitive Days: A Memoir (Beacon Press 2001; Penguin Books 2003). This is a dubious account, full of anachronisms, inaccuracies, unacknowledged borrowings from unnamed sources (such as the documentary, Atomic Cafe, 17-19), adding up to an attempt to cover over the fact that Ayers was there only for a part of the things he describes in a volume that nonetheless presents itself as a memoir. It's also faux literary and soft core ("warm and wet and welcoming"(68)), "ruby mouth"(38), "she felt warm and moist"(81)), full of archaic sexism, littered with boasts of Ayers's sexual achievements, utterly untouched by feminism. (Among Ayers's many errors are some that betray ignorance of the Women's Liberation Movement: he repeats the media-generated myth that 1968 Miss America protesters burned their bras (117).)

...IS ALL THIS JUST BEATING A DEAD HORSE? Although I would hope so, in the present mood on the left there is some receptivity to a rehabilitation of Weather and Weather-like strategies, especially among the young who didn't live through the original reality. (One straw in the wind has been the confused and uncritical response to Ward Churchill in many parts of the left.) [See full text]

I have already posted information about Senator Obama's relationship with Bill Ayers and his funding of the Maoist Mike Klonsky's school. Just search Klonsky or Ayers on this blog.

The insane Maoist Internationalist Movement (MIM) also writes about Bill Ayers, but he doesn't make much sense to me. MIM is an idiot who believes in Mao's discredited, crackpot ideology and defends the "scholarship" of the dishonest ex-professor Ward Churchill, a frequent topic of this blog.

Here is an FBI file on the Weather Underground organization.

I can't say what I really think of Bill Ayers without lowering the level of discourse on my blog, but I loathe and despise everything he stands for. He had a good education but he embraced the crackpot conspiracy theories of communism.

I already have posted articles on this blog about how Senator Obama's ignorant minister Rev. Wright told his church the crackpot KGB lie that the U.S. government invented AIDS to kill black people.

In 1987 the Soviet media even trashed a childhood friend of mine named Brent Anderson when they claimed that he was a biological weapon directed against the Soviet Union who was sent by the CIA to China to infect the Chinese with AIDS "because China has a long border with the Soviet Union." Brent had become ill with AIDS in China and had to be brought home by the U.S. Airforce since no airline would fly him home. The State Department complained to the Soviets who reportedly wound down their AIDS campaign in August, 1987.

In the fall of 1987, reputable Soviet scientists disputed the KGB's propaganda on the pages of Izvestia.

In 1992, the Russian newspaper Izvestiya (3-19-92) openly reported:

[Russian foreign intelligence chief Yevgeni Primakov] mentioned the well known articles printed a few years ago in our central newspapers about AIDS supposedly originating from secret Pentagon laboratories. According to Yevgeni Primakov, the articles exposing US scientists' 'crafty' plots were fabricated in KGB offices. [For the motives behind Primakov's frank admission see here.]

Anyone who knows very much about AIDS knows the history of the KGB's disgraceful anti-American canard about the U.S. spreading diseases, but Senator Obama has still not told the American people that his minister's lie was a KGB hoax.

Recently, the charlatan ex-professor Ward Churchill, who has written articles for the KGB mouthpiece Covert Action Information Bulletin, was exposed for fabrication and falsification of evidence to support his claim that the U.S. Army deliberately infected the Mandan Indians with smallpox. He mischaracterized the work of honest scholars such as E. Wagner Stearn, Ph.D. and Allen E. Stearn, Ph.D, the authors of The Effect of Smallpox on the Destiny of the Amerindian (1945).

These lies about the U.S. Army or government spreading diseases as part of a program of genocide are no different than the anti-Semitic canards about Jews poisoning wells and spreading diseases. They also make minorities in America and people all over the world distrust U.S. health programs that could help them.

AIDS experts have complained that the KGB lie about AIDS is very harmful for young black kids.

The Washington Post (1-25-05) reports:

Phill Wilson, executive director of the Black AIDS Institute in Los Angeles, said past discrimination is no longer an excuse for embracing conspiracies that allow HIV to fester.

"It's a huge barrier to HIV prevention in black communities," Wilson said. "There's an issue around conspiracy theory and urban myths. Thus we have an epidemic raging out of control, and African Americans are being disproportionately impacted in every single sense."

Black women made up 73 percent of new HIV cases among women in 2003, and black men represented 40 percent of new cases, according to the most recent federal figures available. Among gay men, blacks represented 30 percent of new infections, and adolescents ages 18 to 24 accounted for nearly 80 percent of new HIV cases.

"The whole notion of conspiracy theories and misinformation . . . removes personal responsibility," Wilson said. "If there is this boogeyman, people say, 'Why should I use condoms? Why should I use clean needles?' And if I'm an organization, 'Why should I bother with educating my folks?'


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