Friday, October 17, 2008

Senator and Mrs. Obama and Professors Whitewash the Weather Underground Terrorists Ayers and Dohrn

"Dig it! First they killed those pigs, then they ate dinner in the same room with them. They even shoved a fork into the victim's stomach! Wild!"---Weather Underground terrorist leader Bernardine Dohrn (above right) celebrating the Charles Manson murders

UPDATE: FOX News reports that the President of the University of Nebraska has just cancelled a speaking engagement by one of the ringleaders of the bloody Weather Underground terrorists, Bill Ayers (above left). He had been invited by the head of the University's Education Department. I guess not all educators want to whitewash this terrorist.

Senator Obama once said that Bill Ayers was just a person who lived in his neighborhood. He said he was eight years old when the Weather Underground, led by Bill Ayers and his wife Bernardine Dohrn, were bombing Americans.

But Senator Obama and his attorney wife Michelle Obama were adults when they contributed to the rehabilitation of Bill Ayers by promoting his 1997 book on juvenile justice, A Kind and Just Parent: The Children of Juvenile Court.

In 2001 Bill Ayers published another book, Fugitive Days: A Memoir, in an effort to sanitize his bloody past. Max Noel, a retired FBI agent who read Fugitive Days and appeared on FOX News (10-17-08), observed that Ayers failed to mention his sojourn in San Francisco because Weather Underground members were suspected of a bombing at the Park Police Station that killed policeman Brian McDonnell and injured others.

Mr. Noel, who investigated the Weather Underground in San Francisco, said on FOX (10-17-08) that Bill Ayers' fingerprints were found in a San Francisco apartment when the Weather Underground bombers fled California. The apartment had bomb-making materials in it. Mr. Noel said that the investigators were disappointed that they did not find Bernardine Dohrn's fingerprints in that apartment. See the FOX interview on youtube and declassified FBI files on the Weather Underground.]

Professor Jesse Lemisch, the author of "Weather Underground Rises from the Ashes: They're Baack!" observed:

Veterans of Weather (as well as some fans) seem to be on a drive to rehabilitate, cleanse, and perhaps revive it -- not necessarily as a new organization, but rather as an ideological component of present and future movements. There have been signs of such a sanitization and romanticization for some time. A landmark in this rehabilitation is Bill Ayers, Fugitive Days: A Memoir (Beacon Press 2001; Penguin Books 2003).

Senator Obama and Mrs. Obama were fans of Bill Ayers. They promoted Ayers's book about the juvenile justice system, A Kind and Just Parent:The Children of Juvenile Court (1997), around the time that an investigation into the 1970 bombing murder of policeman Brian V. McDonnell was reopened in San Francisco.

One of the main suspects in the bombing was reportedly Bernardine Dohrn, and Bill Ayers knew all about the bombing according to an FBI informant named Larry Grathwohl.

San Francisco's KRON4 reported on 11-10-03:

Last fall [2002], according to law enforcement sources, San Francisco police turned over its evidence [in the Park Police Station Bombing] to the U.S. Attorney, who took over the investigation. The government quietly convened a federal grand jury which subpoenaed former members of not only the Weather Underground but the Black Panthers and the more militant Black Liberation Army, which investigators believe was responsible for the Ingleside shooting."--KRON4 (11-10-03)

As noted here, Senator Obama wrote a glowing review of Bill Ayers' 1997 book, A Kind and Just Parent: The Children of Juvenile Court.

David Tanenhaus, a young scholar who writes on juvenile criminal justice issues, just wrote an article in Slate (10-10-08) titled: "The Bill Ayers that Barack Obama and I worked with was no 'domestic terrorist.'"

Note that the title of the article confirms that Senator Obama "worked with Bill Ayers." They weren't just neighbors. And of course, Bill Ayers was a terrorist.

FBI informant Larry Grathwohl, who also "worked with Bill Ayers," writes:

[Bill Ayers] cited as one of the real problems [of bombings] that someone like Bernardine Dohrn had to plan, develop, and carry out the bombing of the police station in San Francisco, and he specifically named her as the person that committed that act. . . . He said that the bomb was placed on the window ledge and he described the kind of bomb that was used to the extent of saying what kind of shrapnel was used in it. . . . [I]f he wasn’t there to see it, somebody who was there told him about it, because he stated it very emphatically.

Young Tanenhaus reveals that Mrs. Michelle Obama even promoted Bill Ayers' book A Kind and Just Parent in the law school, giving the terrorist respectibility in the eyes of the legal community:

The publication in 1997 of Ayers' book A Kind and Just Parent: The Children of Juvenile Court attracted much local and national attention...That year, Chicago named Ayers its "Citizen of the Year." In November, Michelle Obama, who was then director of the university's community service center, convened a panel at the law school to discuss Ayers' book and the issues it raised.

Young Tanenhaus writes about criminal justice issues; yet he wants to let "bygones be bygones" when it comes to the criminals Ayers and Dohrn. Young Tanenhaus did so little research into Ayers and Dohrn that he doesn't even tell his Slate readers that Bernardine Dohrn and Ayers may be involved in the murder of the policeman Brian McDonnell.

Here is what retired FBI Special Agents have written:

On October 18, 1974, Larry Grathwohl, a former member of the WUO, testified before a US Senate Subcommittee that Bill Ayers, a WUO leader, had told him that Bernardine Dohrn, another WUO leader, had to plan, develop and carry out the bombing of the police station in San Francisco. Ayers told Grathwohl the bomb was placed on the window ledge and he described the bomb that was used to the extent of saying what kind of shrapnel was used in it.

The hypocritical Bill Ayers writes about children and justice, but the Weather Underground bombed a judge, his wife, and children. The judge was trying some Black Panthers.

Bill Ayers' vicious terrorist wife celebrated the grisly murders orchestrated by Charles Manson. One of the victims was even pregnant. Bernardine Dohrn gloated about the bloody crimes:

Dig it! First they killed those pigs, then they ate dinner in the same room with them. They even shoved a fork into the victim's stomach! Wild!

Young Tanenhaus is a very dishonest researcher. I would call him a whitewasher, not a researcher. He doesn't care about justice for the law enforcement officials murdered and maimed by the Weather Underground. He doesn't care about the children bombed as they slept in their beds.

Young Tanenhaus is being used by Bill Ayers, a vicious, violent communist bully who was always a big user of people. The Weather Underground were terrorists. They had contact with communist intelligence services and some learned how to make bombs and use weapons in Cuba. They believed that their bombings could bring about a communist revolution.

Senator Obama didn't say anything when his minister claimed the U.S. government made AIDS to genocide blacks. Even the KGB admitted that they spread this lie in order to defame our government. As a result, young blacks who believe this lie see no reason to protect themselves from AIDS; they believe that the government is going to get them anyway. Now I see that Senator Obama and his wife allowed themselves to be used to whitewash the Weather Underground terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn.

I would like to see a black person be elected President, but not someone who advances the agendas of anti-American propagandists and terrorists. Senator and Mrs. Obama keep saying that people like Wright and Ayers are a distraction from the issues. In fact, Senator Obama's associations are the issue for me because his actions gave respectability to radicals who have hurt many Americans.


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