Monday, November 03, 2008

On the Eve


The on-line publication of the Weather Underground's revolutionary manifesto Prairie Fire will help me to understand what these Weather Underground terrorists were all about with the perspective of an older adult rather than with the fear and confusion of a Vietnam-era college student who was always being hammered with their guilt trips, bullying, propaganda, and lies about "AmeriKKKa."

Those Weather Underground were spoiled, indulged, rebellious kids who didn't listen authority in America but went to Cuba for weapons training and indoctrination. They were stooges manipulated by the KGB through their Cuban and N. Vietnamese surrogates.

Those arrogant, psychopathic, rich brats Billy Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn were the "leaders" of the murderous Weather Underground. Billy Ayers was a creep who forced his girlfriend Donna Ron to have sex with his roommate and let his other girlfriends handle the bombs.

Today some communists believe that the proletariat are "losers" who have failed in their historic mission of making the world revolution, so they are supporting Islamist terrorists like Osama Bin Laden. As the Maoist Internationalist Movement (MIM) puts it, the proletariat turned out to be "couch potatoes."

The Maoist MIM reminds me of that other little snot-nosed narcissist/revolutionary Adolf Hitler, who put his hope in "the people" instead of the proletariat. Before he blew his brains out, Hitler expressed the unintentionally ironic view that the German people were a bunch of losers who "didn't deserve him."

Italy's New Red Brigades also see the Islamists as "propellers of protest" and as the "new proletariat" who are advancing the anti-imperialist struggle while the communist movement is "temporarily" weakened.

La Voce [the magazine of Paris-based Italian militants linked to the New Red Brigades] has expressed the view that Islamist clerics are useful to keep the pressure on Imperialism but will disappear when the communists reemerge to take control of the next phase of the proletarian revolution.

Colin Powell has gone over to Senator Obama. He says he doesn't care about some "washed-up" terrorist like Billy Ayers.

I remember General Colin Powell testified about WMD in the UN. I believed him. Colin Powell was my hero. Now the man who showed me the test tubes in the UN has gone over to Obama, the guy who wants us to think he voted against the war even though he wasn't even in the Senate until 2004.

And who is Senator Obama? Whom does he belong to? Some are making the case that Billy Ayers, who is credited as one of the authors of Prairie Fire, wrote Senator Obama's memoir Dreams from My Father.


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