Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Was Ann Dunham "Punished with a Baby"?

President-elect Obama has said that he doesn't want his young daughters "punished with a baby" if they make a mistake.

I wonder if President-elect Obama's white mother Ann Dunham felt she was "punished with a baby" when she got pregnant with her only son? She married Barack's Kenyan father on 2-2-61, and her son was born on 8-4-61. They divorced in 1964. It must have been couageous for a young white woman to raise a black child in those years. Ann Dunham must have felt some discrimination; but she didn't get an illegal abortion, and her parents supported their daughter and doted on their grandson.

I would hope that if a daughter of President elect Obama gets pregnant "by mistake" that she will also feel free to make the choice to raise her child and that her parents will support her choice.

In 1961, Ann Dunham had the support of her family just like Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol has the support of her family.

I feel sorry for Obama's little girls if their dad thinks an unplanned pregnancy is a "punishment." People say that women should have a choice, but I wonder if an Obama daughter would feel like she has a choice to have her baby if her dad has that kind of an attitude? I can't think of anything worse than feeling like you have no choice but to kill your baby.

I don't think that Ann Dunham looks like she is being "punished with a baby" in this picture. If her life was sometimes difficult because she was the young mother of a black baby, we should all consider that if she had aborted her son he would have never been elected President.


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