Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bill Ayers Has Normal Hearing!

"Have you drunk the Kool-Aid or do you actually have a mind of your own?"--Dr. Billy Ayers [See also here]

When he is interviewed, the Weather Underground terrorist Dr. Billy Ayers sometimes acts as if setting off all those bombs has affected his hearing. During a recent interview at a Baltimore book-signing, Dr. Billy repeated a Washington Times online editor's questions as if he were not sure he had heard them correctly. The foggy old fogie repeatedly asked the editor if she had a mind of her own and chuckled at his own joke. I thought Ayers' question was funny, because the young Billy never had a mind of his own. I think he chose the psychopathic mass-murderer Mao as his spiritual father because they share the same December 26 birthday.

But when Washington Times online editor Kerry Picket suggested that Dr. Billy might have collaborated with President Obama on Dreams from My Father, the old goat heard well enough and didn't repeat the question. His whole demeanor changed. The condescending smirk vanished from his face. He looked scared and answered immediately. According to Dr. Billy, the theory that he had a hand in the President's book Dreams from My Father is a "myth." Ayers said, "I never had a That's a myth."

Watch the Washington Times video on FOX (5-19-09) or Youtube.

The writer Dr. Jack Cashill has written a series of articles that make the case that William Ayers had a hand in writing President Obama's book Dreams from My Father. Dr. Cashill writes about Dr. Ayers' run-in with the intrepid Ms. Picket at World Net Daily (5-28-09). [See the article and video on Cashill's own site, too.] At first I thought Dr. Cashill's theory was nonsense, but then I read Dreams and Bill Ayers' memoir Fugitive Days.

Ohio State University Professor Bruce Heiden has also questioned Obama's authorship of Dreams:

[President Obama] doesn't say how these memories turned into the book Dreams from My Father. In particular, he doesn't say he wrote the book. He says that Dreams 'found its way onto these pages'[xvi]...Obama's whole Introduction to Dreams has the odd rhetorical project of persuading the reader that Barack Obama, the author of Dreams from My Father, actually had nothing to do with writing his book and couldn't have written it.---Dr. Bruce Heiden describing the Introduction of President Obama's Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance, 2004 paperback edition.

Maybe next time, Ms. Picket of the Washington Times should ask Dr. Ayers if he knows who killed Brian V. McDonnell.

Readers can scroll through my posts about the authorship of President Obama's autobiography by searching Cashill on this blog.


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