Sunday, August 09, 2009

Richard Two Elk: "The Stolen Legacy of Wounded Knee"

"The Wounded Knee segment of [the PBS series] 'We Shall Remain' is arguably the most massaged documentary in history, and far from being one of the best ever made. I know this because I was there, at Wounded Knee. At the age of 19, I backpacked weapons and supplies into the village with my AIM brothers. I remember it was near Easter, because that's when our leader, Dennis Banks, ordered us to 'take care' of a young white guy, suspected of being an informant. We knew what that meant. We strung him up on a cross in a mock crucifixion, and beat him. After we took him down, they led him away and I don't think he was ever heard from again. This story is one of too many dirty little secrets that producer Stanley Nelson certainly was told about, but decided not to use in this sugar-coated tribute to AIM thugs. I am sorry to say I once followed AIM leadership. But now I spend a lot of time exposing them."--Wounded Knee Veteran Richard Two Elk

The Indian radio journalist Richard Two Elk of Two Elk Enterprise and OG Production Services has made a video that criticizes the depiction of the 1973 occupation of Wounded Knee in the last episode of the PBS series "We Shall Remain." I hope readers will listen to Mr. Two Elk's informative presentation a few times. (Hat Tip My Two Beads Worth)

At the end of his presentation, Mr. Two Elk provides some links to further information about the 1973 occupation. [I will add these in soon.]

Mr. Two Elk wrote the introduction to the book American Indian Mafia and was an important source for the book's authors Joseph and John Trimbach.


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