Sunday, May 02, 2010

Manhunt on for Times Square Car Bomber

Peter Lorre as Hans Beckert in the 1931 German film M. Listen to "In the Hall of the Mountain King" (Peer Gynt) by Edvard Grieg.

UPDATE: NYT (5-2-10) See video of suspicious man changing his shirt near the car bomb. (Scroll down to the video labelled "person of interest" on left.) (5-2-10) is reporting that the New York City authorities investigating yesterday's failed Times Square car bombing have determined that a metal box packed with fertilizer that was found in the van was incapable of exploding. The authorities also have video of a possible suspect:

Police investigating a terror attack that could have set off a deadly fireball in Times Square focused Sunday on finding a man who was videotaped shedding his shirt near the SUV where the bomb was found...

The video shows an unidentified white man in his 40s slipping down an alley, taking off one shirt and revealing another underneath. In the same clip, he's seen looking back in the direction of the smoking vehicle and furtively putting the first shirt in a bag, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said.

My Fox News in New York (5-2-10) reports:

Police investigating the failed car bomb left in Times Square have videotape of a possible suspect shedding clothing in an alley and putting it in a bag and found a substance that resembled fertilizer in the parked SUV, Commissioner Raymond Kelly said Sunday.

Fox 5's Linda Schmidt reported Sunday that two female NYPD officers spotted the man leaving the scene.

Kelly said officers were on the way to a Pennsylvania town to talk to a tourist who might have recorded the suspect on his video camera. The video shows a white man in his 40s taking off one shirt, revealing another underneath.


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