Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty: FBI Rounds Up 11 Alleged Russian Spies

"Ten Alleged Secret Agents Arrested in the United States"---Department of Justice (6-28-10)

Complaint #1 (PDF)Complaint #2 (PDF)

The "spycraft" described in the complaints is colorfully depicted by the Washington Post's Jeff Stein at SpyTalk (6-28-10).

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty is covering the arrest of the Russian spies. Most, if not all, of the spies appear to be Russian nationals who posed as middle-class married couples. Some of the alleged spies even had children who ranged in age from a new baby to teenagers. I wonder what will happen to the children.

According the Voice of America (6-29-10):

U.S. media reports say the suspects...held non-governmental jobs, some of them in policy think-tanks and universities.

See the RFE/RL details about the arrests ("U.S. Arrests 10 Alleged Russian Secret Agents") and the Russian reaction ("Russia Calls U.S. Spy Charges 'Baseless': Regrets 'Timing.'")

Also check out the RFE/RL blogs and the latest tweets---especially from Power Vertical blog---in the newsroom on the lower right of the RFE/RL main page. Power Vertical also has links to other Russia-watchers in a column on the right.

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