Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"U.S.A Today" Reports on the Fugitive Bobby Thompson

UPDATE: "Lawyer [Helen Mac Murray] Flips on Fugitive GOP Donor Who Allegedly Scammed Millions" (The Blotter, 12-23-10)...see also my earlier post about Thompson's lawyer Helen Mac Murray for some interesting details.

"[Bobby Thompson] had on blue jeans, a wrinkled shirt, a fatigue jacket," said Edwin Celeiro..."He reeked of marijuana."

"I thought he'd had a little smoke before he came in,'' said Richard Kurkendall..."I remember this disheveled person who seemed a little crazy. It made me wonder what sort of business he was setting up...there were cockroaches running all over the place," Celeiro said. "It was a mess...In Virginia, [Thompson] paid lobbyists $23,540 and gave politicians $67,500 to pass a law this year exempting veterans groups from filing registration papers. A total of $55,500 went to the campaign of Ken Cuccinelli, who said if elected [Virginia's] attorney general, he wanted to take over the regulation of nonprofits. "---St. Petersburg Times (12-27-10)

USA Today (12-27-10) has noticed the excellent series of articles about the fugitive Bobby Thompson who ran the fraudulant U.S. Navy Veterans' charity out of his shabby Tampa, Florida duplex. The St. Petersburg Times (12-27-10) has a new article about Bobby Thompson as well as an editorial (12-28-10).


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