Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dynamic Duo Debunked: Why Aren't Kent Clizbe and Ken Cuccinelli Out Looking for the Fugitive from Justice "Bobby Thompson"?

[The fugitive "Bobby Thompson's" former lawyer] Helen MacMurray told ABC News that she has begun working with investigators to help them locate the man, who went by the name Bobby Thompson, but whose real identity remains a mystery. She believes he may have fled overseas to the Middle East or Eastern Europe.

"My understanding is that he had a lot of connections out of the country," she said. "He bragged about that."---
(The Blotter, 12-23-10)
A blogger-moron who is angry that I defend climate scientists criticizes me for using a nom de plume on my little blog. He threatens that some "ex-CIA operative" named Kent Clizbe is going to unmask me (with the help of his CIA friends) and haul me into court for criticizing people who persecute our climate scientists.
In fact, real CIA officials aren't stalking climate scientists; instead, real CIA officials are giving climate scientists security clearances so that the scientists can exploit the data gathered by CIA reconnaissance systems to study climate change, which the CIA views as a threat to our national security.
Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism has a National Security Reporting Project and is publishing an informative series of articles and videos called Global Warning which are based on what the CIA, Pentagon, National Academy of Sciences, and all our other scientific agencies are learning about climate change and about the threats these changes pose to America's national security.
Acording to media reports, the Director of the CIA's Center on Climate Change and National Security is Larry Kobayashi. What a great name! Kobayashi! Remember the lawyer in that confusing thriller The Usual Suspects who said, "My name is Kobayashi. I work for Keyser Soze"? But I digress...
The farcial "ex-CIA operative" Kent Clizbe, who evidently aspires to be the Secret Sam sidekick for the Tea Party's Ken Doll (AKA Virginia's Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli), reportedly spams college professors and offers them a multi-million-dollar financial bounty if they will denounce the climate scientist Dr. Michael Mann for fraud. So far, no professors have denounced Dr. Mann, who is also constantly hounded and maligned by Virginia's equally-ludicrous, fossil-fueled, global warming denialist Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.
Perhaps if intrepid Kent were a real CIA operative, he would locate the Florida fugitive who goes by the fake name "Bobby Thompson" and recover the millions "Thompson" stole from Americans who thought they were giving to Navy veterans.
The fugitive known as "Bobby Thompson" gave Virginia's Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli 55,000 dollars. Soon after, Virginia voted that military charities should not have to disclose information about themselves to the government. This new law benefits frauds like Thompson, who disguised his criminal theft and money-laundering operation as the "Navy Veterans' Charity."
Perhaps if intrepid Ken were a real Attorney General, he would locate the Florida fugitive who goes by the name "Bobby Thompson" and recover the millions "Thompson" stole from Americans who thought they were giving to Navy veterans.
For more information about the criminal with the fake name Bobby Thompson, read "Lawyer [Helen Mac Murray] Flips on Fugitive GOP Donor Who Allegedly Scammed Millions" (The Blotter, 12-23-10). See also my earlier post about Thompson's lawyer Helen Mac Murray for some context. Read all the stories about Bobby Thompson at the excellent St. Petersburg Times series "Under the Radar."


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