Monday, January 16, 2012

Michael Mann: The Climate Scientist Who the Deniers Have in Their Sights

"I've been the focus for attack by those who deny the reality of climate change for so long that it almost seems like forever," the professor of meteorology at Pennsylvania State University [Dr. Michael Mann] says. "I'm a reluctant public figure, but I have embraced the opportunity to communicate the science."...

"[The theft of the climate scientists' emails] was a very successful, well-planned smear campaign intended ... to go directly at the trust the public had in scientists," [climate scientist Dr. Michael Mann] insists. "Even though they haven't solved the crime of who actually broke in, the entire apparatus for propelling this manufactured scandal on to the world stage was completely funded by the fossil-fuel front groups."---The Independent (1-16-12)

The Independent (1-16-12) has published a fantastic account about how the powerful politicians Senator James Inhofe, Congressman Joe Barton, and Virginia Attorney General Cuccinelli have unjustly vilified the famous climate scientist Dr. Michael Mann because he was the creator of the "hockey stick" graph, which demonstrates that the earth's temperature is rising rapidly.

American politicians should uphold the law, but instead these politicians hoped to help their wealthy fossil-fuel sponsors by collaborating with criminals who stole the famous climate scientists' emails in order to discredit them by mischaracterizing their correspondance. Read "Michael Mann: The climate scientist who the deniers have in their sights."


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