Sunday, June 09, 2013

Kent Clizbe Claims CIA Asked for His Computer


Climate Change denialist and self-described "ex-CIA operations officer" Kent Clizbe claims that a "nice lady" at the CIA asked him to turn over his computer: "The discussion with the nice lady made clear that they’d been monitoring and inspecting my personal email, my comments on political blogs, my recently published books...and pretty much everything about my personal life since 2001... the nice lady ended the hour and a half discussion with a request to turn over my personal computer to her" (5-16-13).

This is ironic, since "Our Man in the Nut House" Kent Clizbe has been monitoring and inspecting climate scientist Michael Mann's stolen emails. He even wrote to Mann's colleagues at the University of Virginia and at Penn State and promised them a huge federal whistle-blower reward if they would denounce Dr. Mann. None of them accepted his offer, and all the scientific reviews of Mann's research exonerated him.

Following his (apocryphal?) chat with the "nice lady," Clizbe claims that he immediately contacted "the best lawyer in town": The one who handles every high level issue having to do with the CIA and personnel."  Clizbe doesn't tell us who this eminent lawyer is, but perhaps he is alluding to Plato Cacheris, who defended traitors like Aldrich Ames and Robert Hanssen.

Of course, these claims may just be Clizbe's latest fantasy. He used to brag about his CIA credentials, in spite of the fact that the CIA is concerned about the national security implications of climate change; but now Clizbe is claiming that he is a dissident who is being purged.

Perhaps Clizbe is trying out a new persona, or perhaps he is really in hot water. Time will tell.

Certainly he is not on the same page as the CIA or the National Intelligence Council (NIC) when it comes to climate change. Clizbe sounds more like Virginia's corrupt Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli or former Russian President Medvedev, who, until Russia's terrible 2010 forest fires, claimed that climate change was a "trick."

Time (8-2-10) observes:

Two months before Copenhagen, [Russia's] state-owned Channel One television aired a documentary called The History of a Deception: Global Warming, which argued that the notion of man-made climate change was the result of an international media conspiracy. A month later, hackers sparked the so-called Climategate scandal by stealing e-mails from European climate researchers. The hacked e-mails, which were then used to support the arguments of global-warming skeptics, appeared to have been distributed through a server in the Siberian oil town of Tomsk, raising suspicion among some environmental activists of Russia's involvement in the leak....

"Broadly speaking, the Russian position has always been that climate change is an invention of the West to try to bring Russia to its knees," says Vladimir Chuprov, director of the Greenpeace energy department in Moscow [More here]. Case in point: when Medvedev visited Tomsk last winter [early 2010], he called the global-warming debate "some kind of tricky campaign made up by some commercial structures to promote their business projects." That was two months after the Copenhagen talks.

Like Kent Clizbe and Virginia's Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, Soviet and Russian propaganda campaigns have often depicted scientists as crafty and meretricious, although the Soviet and Russian leaders have frequently publicly re-evaluated their propaganda. Even in Russia, politicians eventually retract ridiculous lies about scientists because they need to deal with reality.


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