Sunday, March 12, 2006

Wounded Knee, February 1973

Here are links to different accounts of the "occupation" at Wounded Knee in February of 1973. Whom do you believe? (Russell Means--link is now dead)

(Russell Means--cache of above article) (Maoist/communists) (John Burrows in NYT)

In February, 1973, 100-200 AIM "braves" took power in the Sioux town of Wounded Knee on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

They destroyed Indian people's houses and Indian historical artifacts. They held people hostage.They beat up an old white man who had appreciated Indian cuture enough to create a little museum. He was white but married to an Indian and had lived among Indians for 50 years.The stolen artifacts looted from his family's little museum were later sold to wealthy white collectors. These AIM "braves" urinated and defecated on the floors of people's homes, shot their pets, and destroyed their children's toys.

"[O]ne hundred to two hundred Indians led by members of the American Indian Movement (AIM), swarmed into Wounded Knee and wrecked Clive Gildersleeve's museum. They knocked the old man down and spat on him. They smashed and overturned glass display cases and slashed hide paintings and pictures. Then they left, these self-proclaimed AIM "warriors," taking with them whatever artifacts they had not destroyed. Altogether they stole, destroyed or damaged $50,000 worth of irreplaceable Sioux treasures. Many of these items were later sold to white collectors. "The reason for that destruction," AIM "leader" Clyde Bellecourt said, "was that the owner, even though he was married to an Oglala Sioux, was white.....The AIM people destroyed the homes of Indian residents. They stole valuables and burnt furniture. They shot pets, dogs and cats, and smashed children's tricycles. They defecated and urinated on floors—after having "purified" themselves in "sweat" rituals. Sanitation does not obtain in the Indian movement."

They were terrorists.

Terrorists took over an American town, held it hostage, and dared the FBI to do something about it.

How did that help Indians?

An American town full of women and children was taken over by 100-200 gangsters and the government was powerless to do anything. Perhaps they were afraid that these "braves" would stage a Waco if they went in and arrested them.

A lot of innocent people would have been murdered. AIM were terrorists, just like the terrorists in Fallujah who hide behind civilians.

Real Indian warriors never hid behind their women, children and old people. AIM did, because they didn't care about the innocent people in Wounded Knee.

If anything, they may have been hoping for, some over-reaction on the part of the government. Perhaps AIM hoped to incite a reinactment of the historical Wounded Knee massacre. That's what AIM did when they gunned down two FBI agents on the anniversary of Custer's Last Stand in 1975.

Ward Churchill claims he was on the Pine Ridge Reservation when the two agents were gunned-down. He has written that the two FBI guys died "Custerlike" in their "self-made trap."

In fact, the FBI guys were caught unawares. They hardly shot any bullets. The whole thing seems to have been some sick live theater with the unwitting FBI agents playing the role of Custer.

Some AIMsters were white communists who exploited the Indians as pawns in their battle with the USA. That's where the Ward Churchill types seem to fit in.


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