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Allusions, Themes, Symbols, Diction, and Plagiarism in the Jonbenet Ramsey Ransom Note

Tomorrow is Good Friday, the day that the totally innocent Jesus was tortured to death by crucifixion. All his enemies ganged up on him, and all his fearful friends abandoned him. I think this is a good day to remember how an innocent child, JonBenet Ramsey, was tortured to death by a vicious, insane terrorist.


A Preface:

A pro-terrorist, pro-Ward Churchill site called Try-Works wrote this about me:

Snapple, we...want your free speech. Had we the money, sir, we’d pay for full-page ads in every local newspaper for you to disseminate your lunacy. Every time you open your fucking mouth, you expose the sleazy insanity of the smear campaign launched against Professor Churchill. So keep talking. You fucking cretin. We’d rather like it if the world saw you as the archetype of Churchill’s critics: a dribbling moron, so deranged that he can’t find a single listener in the entire blogosphere who doesn’t think he’s categorically fucking insane; a monomaniac who spends his every waking hour obsessing over a dead six-year-old and an American Indian scholar in some kind of incredible necrophilic Eldridge Cleaver fantasy. [See link here.]

These people don't have arguments that can beat mine; they only have crude threats.

Here I have linked my theory in an earlier form on a site called Free Republic. One correction is that the Osage Indian Murders and the alleged FBI-backed murders at Pine Ridge were called "The Reign of Terror." In this earlier post, I mistakenly said "Time of Terror." This discussion goes on for several pages. Before I posted this, I had posted on a JonBenet Ramsey forum, but when I said my theory the posters got agressive and seemed very well-informed about AIM. The owner of the JonBenet site said that she got a lot of her "inside" information from an AIM and Leonard Peltier activist, a lawyer named Lee Hill. He got in trouble for assaulting his wife with a gun, for other weapons charges, and for nearly ramming a police car. He reportedly skipped out on his bail and fled Boulder before his trial. I don't know if he ever turned up.

JonBenet Ramsey, a Boulder, Colorado kindergarten student, was murdered in the basement of her family home on the night of December 25-26, 1996. She was carried from her bed to the basement where she was slowly strangled and finally her skull was smashed in. The handle of a paintbrush was pushed into her vagina. JonBenet has been dead for almost ten years. If she were alive today, she would be a sophomore in high school.

Many people have focused on the Christmas date, but December 26 is also the birthday of Mao, whose policies caused the deaths of 70 million Chinese people in peacetime.

Here is an easy-to-read transcription of the the JonBenet Ramsey ransom note.

Here are photos of the three-page ransom note.

The ransom note is addressed to John Ramsey, the father of Jonbenet. The name John Ramsey is notorious in the history of Oklahoma. During the 1920s, a white hit-man named John Ramsey was convicted of being one of the killers of wealthy Osage Indians for their oil-head rights. For more on this Osage history see this link.

I think that it is very possible that JonBenet Ramsey was targeted because of the private symbolic significance of her father's name for the killer/s, for whom the Osage Indian murders have a special significance. I believe that that the Osage "reign of terror," as the Osage called this period of their history, is the original historical source, the subtext, from which the AIM account of FBI-backed murders at Pine Ridge during the 1970s was fabricated.

I think that the 1985 American Indian Movement/Ward Churchill conspiracy theory that FBI-backed death squads killed 342 Pine Ridge Indians during a "reign of terror" is a historical invention that is based on the the true history of the Osage Indian murders. In later writing, Churchill himself redacted his own fabrication and claimed that 342 Indians had been abused and 60 murdered. Churchill never explained why he changed his figures.

Little JonBenet's killer/s claimed to be members of a "small foreign faction" and signed themselves "S.B.T.C." This is the name of a company that provides Internet services in the Mount Rushmore area

I think that the "small foreign faction" may be an allusion to the Denver-Boulder splinter group of AIM--the American Indian Movement. Some members of AIM bombed the visitor center at Mount Rushmore in 1975.

The author/s of the ransom note expressed hostility toward the police and FBI in a manner that is characteristic of AIM writings: "Speaking to anyone about your situation, such as police or F.B.I.will result in your daughter being beheaded."

I originally noticed that Colorado AIM was taking an interest in the JonBenet murder when I read an article in Westword called "The Accidental Jurist."

The Westword article depicted the self-reported AIMster and Leonard Peltier activist, Lee Hill, as a hero who was defending an abused woman and uncovering the killer/s of JonBenet. Lee Hill suggested that Jonbenet had been killed by a ring of pedophiles but that the Boulder police were not pursuing the killers.

Later, I noticed that David Lane, Ward Churchill's lawyer, was also defending clients who also alleged that JonBenet was killed by a ring of pedophiles who were being protected by the government. [Dead link] Similar information is copied here, and here, and here.

This conspiracy theory that the government backs killer/pedophiles is typical of AIM propaganda and especially of Ward Churchill's claims that FBI backed death squads killed AIM activists at Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. I have written more about the two lawyers and the conspiracy theory that the government is protecting pedophiles at this link.

Many people have speculated about the significance of the $118,000 ransom. I wondered if this figure might have some symbolic significance for the Boulder-Denver AIM, so I googled
the name Ward Churchill, the author of the AIM writings about the Pine Ridge "reign of terror," and the ransom figure to see if this number might have some special significance for the schismatic Boulder-Denver AIM

When I googled Ward+Churchill+118,000, I found a Maoist site called MIM that claimed that 118,000 Iraqi children were in danger of dying from UN sanctions on Iraq. [See also the 2-17-05 headline article "Support Ward Churchill: Don't Slander Him All Over Again" (page 1 and 4) by "a contributor" here.]

[See an updated link for this article here.]

Children in danger of dying certainly has something to do with JonBenet in her Boulder basement. That champion of free speech, AIMster Professor Ward Churchill, has written sympathetically about Iraqi children and in the same breath has desparaged American children. In the opening of his infamous article, "Some People Push Back," which Churchill has said was penned on 9-11-01, Churchill claimed that the terrorist attack was payback: "some half-million dead Iraqi children ---came home to roost."

The theme of dead Iraqi children and spoiled American children is explored in "Some People Push Back":

"As a whole, the American public greeted these revelations [of the reported death toll among Iraqi children as a result of UN sanctions] with yawns.. There were, after all, far more pressing things than the unrelenting misery/death of a few hundred thousand Iraqi tikes to be concerned with. Getting "Jeremy" and "Ellington" to their weekly soccer game, for instance, or seeing to it that little "Tiffany" and "Ashley" had just the right roll-neck sweaters to go with their new cords. And, to be sure, there was the yuppie holy war against ashtrays – for "our kids," no less – as an all-absorbing point of political focus. In fairness, it must be admitted that there was an infinitesimally small segment of the body politic who expressed opposition to what was/is being done to the children of Iraq. It must also be conceded, however, that those involved by-and-large contented themselves with signing petitions and conducting candle-lit prayer vigils, bearing "moral witness" as vast legions of brown-skinned five-year-olds sat shivering in the dark, wide-eyed in horror, whimpering as they expired in the most agonizing ways imaginable."

The Maoist connection seen in the MIM article may be important because JonBenet was probably killed on Mao's birthday and because Ward Churchill was a follower of the Maoist Black Panthers before he morphed into an Indian. I think the ransom figure of $118,000 may symbolize Iraqi children in danger of dying. It seems possible that the murder of Jonbenet may be some symbolic retaliation for UN and US sanctions on Iraq.

The author of the ransom note uses the rather erudite conjunctive adverb "hence," which is extremely characteristic of Churchill's diction

One might google ward+churchill+hence to see how often "hence" is used by Churchill. He uses this word a lot.

Here is the infamous essay by Churchill. He uses the word "hence" twice.

Ward Churchill uses the word "hence" twice in this article, too.

One time he uses it to mean "ago" and another time to mean "therefore." Churchill really likes this word. He writes:

"First of all, SAC Domin seems completely unaware that the Bureau itself confirmed its pattern of not investigating the murders of AIM people on Pine Ridge a quarter-century hence [ago], while the deaths were still occurring."

He also writes: "Hence [therefore], Domin's presentation misrepresents 14 of 57 allegations before the "accounting" even begins."

When the experts looked at the language of the JonBenet ransom note, they noted the use of "hence" was unusual, although the person who analysed the note believed the Ramsey's wrote it. The note also attacks the FBI and police.

In Churchill's book Acts of Rebellion, the word "hence" was found on pages: xiv xvi xviii 9 20 47 49 60 73 78 85 90 108 113 120 133 152 175 199 200 202 214 239 251 254 270 284 291 295 328 335 374 376 392 393 412 413 430

In Agents of Repression by Churchill and Jim Vander Wall "hence" was found on pages: 10 13 25 31 99 105 110 116 193 209 256 311 321 324 335 348 391 397 413 441 452 458 463

The ransom note also uses statistics for rhetorical effect: "You stand a 99% chance of killing your daughter if you try to out smart us. Follow our instructions and you stand a 100% chance of getting her back."

Ward Churchill also uses statistics like 99% and 100% for their rhetorical effect.

Like Ward Churchill, the author of the ransom note is a plagiarist. He plagiarizes some of the ransom notes sent in the Lindbergh kidnapping.

In one of the Lindbergh notes, the killer specified the denominations of the bills.The JonBenet ransom note also instructed JonBenet's father, John Ramsey, about how many bills of each denomination to put in a paper bag. The Ramsey note reads: "You will withdraw $118,000.00 from your account. $100,000 will be in $100 bills and the remaining $18,000 in $20 bills. Make sure that you bring an adequate size attache to the bank. When you get home you will put the money in a brown paper bag."

The Lindbergh kidnapper wrote a series of ransom notes, each with a larger ransom demand. Several of the notes specify the number and denomination of the bills:"Have 50,000$ redy 2500$ in 20$ bills 1 5000$ in 10$ bills and 10000$ in 5$ bills.""So the amount will be 70000 20000 in 50$ bills 25000 $ in 20$ bill 15000 $ in 10$ bills and 10000 in 5$ bills...""Ouer ransom was made out for 50000$ but now we have to put another to it as propperly have to hold the baby longer as we expected so it will be 70000$ 20000 in 50$ bills 25000 in 25$ 12000$ in 10$ bills and 10000 in 5$ bills."

The author of the JonBenet ransom note claims to be familiar with police technology: "You will be scanned for electronic devices and if any are found, she dies. You can try to deceive us but be warned that we are familiar with Law enforcement countermeasures and tactics."

One of the Lindberg baby kidnapping notes states: "If there is a ratio alarm for policecar, we warn you, we have the same eqipnent."

I have a linked article about the plagiarism in the Ramsey ransom note here.


The killer's decision to plagiarize the Lindbergh notes may be connected in his mind to American policies in Iraq, because the father of Norman Schwarzkopf investigated the Lindbergh kidnap-murder. See the details about this weird association here.

I plan to develop this post further, but this is a good start. I think that if Wardo Churchill can use his free speech to make his case that the FBI is complicit in the murder of 342 Americans, then I can have the free speech to say that it appears to me that Ward Churchill and his schismatic Colorado AIM may have had a hand in the terrorist murder of JonBenet Ramsey. I am not going to censor myself and let mendacious, vulgar-mouthed, totalitarian terrorists like Ward Churchill and Tryworks have a monopoly on free speech.

All of the above is Snapple's opinion.

Down with Wardo's B.S.!


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