Thursday, August 10, 2006

Who Was That Foul-Mouthed Old Agitator in the Mob?

"Boy, I'd like to hang every one of you mother-fuckers!"
"We're gonna getcha...We're gonna getcha...We know who you are!"
"You sons-of-bitches remember Custer?"
---An unidentified, foul-mouthed old agitator in a mob

I have link to a video that was taken by someone in a group of about 200 hippies called the Rainbow Family. The Rainbows wanted to camp in the Routt National Forest, north of Steamboat Springs. They were a large group and did not have a permit to camp in this forest, so armed forest rangers tried to stop the Rainbows at a checkpoint.

Since the forest was very dry, there was a danger of fire. In fact, at one point during the Rainbow camp-out, the rangers did have to extinguish a small forest fire. There is only one road into this area, so if a fire were to get out of control a lot of people might be killed.

Some Rainbows seemed to be working from a script and shouted to make a circle so that the forest rangers would be surrounded. Soon other Rainbows joined in.

The fact that "peaceful" Rainbows tried to corner about 15 armed rangers suggests that the Rainbows were really trying to provoke violence.

To me, it sounds like some degenerate creep with no concern for human life was trying to stage a symbolic reenactment of "Custer's Last Stand," with the rangers playing the role of Custer and the hippies playing the role of Indian.

Who is the degenerate creep who was willing to risk the lives and safety of the forest rangers and the Rainbows?

Perhaps the degenerate creep who planned this reinactment of "Custer's Last Stand" is the foul-mouthed old agitator who can be overheard on the tape threatening the rangers, baiting them with insults and profanity, and inciting the crowd.

The old agitator makes this Custer analogy explicit when he taunts the forest rangers: "You sons-of-bitches remember Custer?"

Here is an article in the Rocky Mountain News about this confrontation.

According to the RMN:

Denise Ottaviano, an information officer for the National Incident Management Team, said about 15 U.S. Forest Service law enforcement officers were forced to abandon a safety-and-information checkpoint after being encircled in a hostile manner by more than 200 Rainbows.

The conflict was sparked by the U.S. Forest Service's decision to start issuing citations to early-bird Rainbow campers entering the Hahns Peak-Bears Ears Ranger District - roughly 30 miles north-northeast of Steamboat Springs - without a special-use permit.

Ottaviano said the permit is required for a gathering of more than 74 people on Forest Service land.

About midday Tuesday, Ottaviano said, "a group of between 60 to 80 Rainbows started approaching the law enforcement officers from the interior of the gathering area in a very hostile manner.

"They broke up into groups and started surrounding the law enforcement officers at the checkpoint, and that incited the group of about 200 that was outside of the gathering area to then also approach and join in with the group that was already there, and start surrounding the law enforcement officers."

Ottaviano said that when the officers saw they were encircled, they drew their weapons but did not fire. They were then able to get into their cars and leave.....

"They have the constitutional right to gather on national forest system land, as does any group for any reason," Ottaviano said. "But they also have the legal responsibility to obtain the free special-use permit." [Charlie Brennan. "Peace flees somewhere over the Rainbows..." Rocky Mountain News. 6-21-06.]

Listen to the voice of the foul-mouthed old agitator in the group of Rainbows who appears to be trying to instigate some violence. After he has endangered the Rainbows, the not-very-sincere agitator is heard saying to the young Rainbows, "I love you kids."

Here is the video.

The foul-mouthed old agitator is threatening and taunting the rangers. Here is an approximate transcription of some of the old agitator's threats and taunts. I may add to this list as I listen to this tape a few more times.

Get outa here...leave us alone...

That's a son-of-a-bitch with a machine gun...a fuckin' machine gun...

Where's your swastikas?

A machine gun... a shot sorry bastards.

Shame on you.

You dirty bastards.

You too, I remember you, very much.

In America this is happening; you're fucking terrorists.

Boy, I'd like to hang every one of you mother-fuckers!

We're gonna getcha...we're gonna getcha...we know who you are!

You sorry're a sorry bastard.

There's that little prick...right better get the fuck outa here while you can...

You better get outa here you God-damn dirty bastard...

You sons-of-bitches remember Custer?

Go on, you son-of-a-bitch....get the fuck outa here...

[To the Rainbows] I love you kids.


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