Thursday, October 19, 2006

Congressional Staffer Suspended on Suspicion of Leaking the "National Intelligence Estimate on Global Terror Trends" to the New York Times!

The October 19, 2006 issue of the LA Times via the AP reports:

WASHINGTON -- House Intelligence Chairman Peter Hoekstra has suspended a Democratic staff member because of concerns he may have leaked a high-level intelligence assessment to The New York Times last month.

....[A]n unidentified staffer requested the document from National Intelligence Director John Negroponte three days before the Sept. 23 story about its conclusions.

The staffer received the National Intelligence Estimate on global terror trends on Sept. 21.

A spokesman to Hoekstra...confirmed that a committee staff member was suspended this week. He said the staff member is being denied access to classified information pending the outcome of a review. [Full story]


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