Monday, November 13, 2006

Maoist MIM Defies Gravity: Escapes Earth's Atmosphere and Charts Unsteady Course Toward Planet Nibiru!

Here is the latest update on the literary misadventures of the Maoist MIM's "Security Minister," the blogosphere's indefatigable defender of C.U.'s tenured Plagiarist of Ethnic Studies (1).

MIM's latest security updates can be found at the Department of MIMland Security, here.

Presently, MIM's security posture seems to be at about DEFCON 1 and may be plummeting into the negative numbers.

As everyone knows, the MIM's so-called "Security Minister," has recently been observed ranting insanely about FBI and CIA plots. I wrote about this lunatic in a post titled, "Maoist MIM Misplaces Meds!"

Sadly, Security Minister's mental health has deteriorated even further. In his 11-12-06 post, the now barking mad "Security Minister" [hereafter MIMster] is making open threats about stringing up some "racist CIA asswipe and five associates," starting tomorrow:

"Racist CIA asswipe and five associates (yep I added two) for six asses in one sling. They just need the cord cut to head for a proverbial hanging, taking less than 20 questions of discovery. It could start tomorrow. If we hear the word from the right persyn, that's what's going to happen. That's the short-run answer. Are we clear?"

As is often the case, the MIMster manages to work a certain tenured plagiarist (2) into his third-person plural hallucination:

"Inevitably there is an ad homonym or psychological attempt to trace the origin of any MIM writing. It's inevitable within pre-scientific society. MIM has disowned the theory of "origins" as leading to ad homonym and psychological thinking--pre-scientific method. In the Ward Churchill case, a bourgeois history scholar has called for his punishment in connection to the individual "origins" (as opposed to class or national origins) of bloodline thinking in First Nations.

While we do not mind noting origins sometimes especially in reading bourgeois history, ultimately it is not what we care about, because we are concerned about broad social forces--classes, nations and genders."

Security HAMster has what can only be charitably described as a terribly tenuous hold on his own identity and felonious fingers when it comes to the identities of others. There are times when he even seems to mistake his own lowly, obscure, and proletarian persona for that of the vainglorious buffoon Wardo! (3) On such occasions, Security HAMster is apt to boast self-importantly about his Chutch-like superpowers:

"Many people take offense at MIM's writing and that is good. MIM is a calculating set of writers that usually knows the numbers behind any social phenomena it talks about. And this makes us more effective in offending many people simultaneously, sometimes hundreds of millions of people potentially in a single sentence."

Wow! With amazing superpowers like that, is it any wonder that Security HAMster has escaped Earth's atmosphere and is blazing a trail toward Planet Nibiru?

1. Professor Ward Churchill
2. Lord of the Smoke Rings
3. Sometimes the 'duh' factor gets so loud. I really have to cite this to people who are capable of tying their shoes without instructions?


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