Friday, November 10, 2006

Maoist MIM Misplaces Meds!

Chutch at Bat
Oh, somewhere in this favored land the sun is shining bright.

The band is playing somewhere, and somewhere hearts are light.
And somewhere men are laughing, and little children shout,
But there is no joy in MIMville—mighty Churchill has struck out.

One organization that gives total support to the tenured Plagiarist of Ethnic Studies, Ward Churchill, is the Maoist organization called MIM.

Hot News has MIM's latest schizophrenic rants.

MIM's "Security Minister" is raving about media and FBI-inspired attacks on Ward Churchill in a (11-6-06) "Security Update" post called "Attention Colorado!"

"MIM is supporting the Ward Churchill camp and opposing the FBI camp and Colorado media. Among other things the federal attorney in Colorado has done nothing appropriately to protect Ward Churchill's civil rights. The Colorado media have very low credibility for us, even lower than in the rest of the country."

"Security Minister" sounds a bit like that comedian Borat lampooning a Maoist ideologue.

Lately, the MIM is sounding even more incoherent and paranoid than usual. [Some of MIM's peculiar views on mental illness can be found here, here, here, here, and elsewhere.]

In a post titled "Denial ain't a river in Egypt: Getting Amerikkkans to admit being spies" (11-10-06), the MIM reports:

"MIM is struggling with someone to admit he is a spy. We already know what he thinks about many issues and so we know there is a good chance he is still in denial. There are also several looking on who could learn a lesson. Of course, these spies get paid well to create problems that did not exist before and MIM has no Thought Reform camp that it can send these people to." [Full Text]

MIM's "Security Minister" raves more explicitly in his 11-4-06 Security Update about someone he characterizes as "CIA asswipe." Even though he is a Maoist, MIM's "Security Minister" threatens to unleash the FBI on "CIA asswipe":

"So you see CIA asswipe, it's going to become clear that you have selfish long-term interests in keeping alive a certain problem and making it look ongoing and inflamed, one that the FBI would like to see settled. Can I be any clearer than that? Yes and I will if I have to be. Oh yes, you better believe we are prepared to go to the mat as scrutiny of our Congress resolutions should reveal. Do you think we like not having Congresses? Do you think cell structure is traditional Leninism? We're going to clear this up as we see who does what now. People who are dragging on this conflict are going to gain MIM's first attention. Damn I hope you are smart enough to figure out that I have given you a generous offer. Obviously you are majorly psychologically occluded." [Full Text]

Here is a colorful passage from a really insane article by "Security Minister" (11-3-06) titled "Attention racist CIA lackey!" :

"[CIA] Lackey, this is your best chance to keep the range of hurt feelings to a limited few. And if anything happens to the MIM web page, people should google in the next few weeks for +"Security Minister," +"Maoist Internationalist Movement." This lackey better hope nothing happens to the Security Minister or select comrades, because if it does, the story is going to come out in more brutal form. Lackey's best hope is for the Security Minister to smooth out some edges and do 'damage control.'" [Full Text]

Here is another really insane article by "Security Minister" (11-9-06) titled "Attention racist CIA asswipe: Part II." Remarkably, MIM's Maoist Security Minister speculates about the possibility of forming a united front with the FBI in order to unleash the Feebs on the "CIA asswipe":

"We're going to find out in this little triangle who is lying. Racist CIA asswipe, you are the man in the middle, the man on the margin. It's where FBI and MIM see if they can put aside distrust just for one issue.

As you know, racist CIA asswipe, MIM already knows that you have a long history of causing problems for your own reasons. The unknown quantity for MIM is the FBI. MIM theorizes that if we make an example out of racist CIA asswipe, this issue will quickly simmer down internationally. No one will have to be guessing where this or that shit came from." [Full Text]

By now it should be obvious that "Security Minister" is issuing incoherent, and at times seemingly contradictory, ultimatums to the FBI and CIA. The immodest MIM may even be resorting to dubious undercover intrigues!

Check it out:

On November 6, "Security Minister" supports Churchill against the FBI. But on November 4 and 9, "Security Minister" calls for a united front with the FBI [!] in order to liquidate his CIA lackey/asswipe problem.

"Security Minister" must have all the other poor MIMsters tap dancing like the Rocketts! How else could they hope to toe the party line when the MIM keeps pulling the ideological rug out from under them so fast?

"Security Minister" is actually attempting to play-off the FBI against the CIA! Not a course of action Snapple would recommend.

At any moment I half expect the MIM's "Security Minister" to be unceremoniously denounced and unmasked as Nikolai Gogol's St. Petersburg spectre, the unjustly-oppressed lunatic, Akakii Akakievich Bashmashchkin. Perhaps someone stole MIM's overcoat, and he is blaming the CIA and FBI. Why couldn't MIM just come right out and say so? Why all the mystery?

But back to the antihero of our blog, the tenured Plagiarist of Ethnic Studies, Ward Churchill. The Legend of Pine Ridge has written about the MIM and Ward Churchill here, here, here, here, here, here, and elsewhere. Use the search feature on the site and type in MIM.

The Drunkablog notes that MIM has "a poem cycle dedicated to Ward Churchill's 1988 book on the feds' 'war' against AIM and the Black Panthers."

True enough, but Snapple has written a prophetic poem about MIM and Wardo! Hasn't anybody noticed?

I first discovered the MIM by doing a google search for Ward Churchill 118,000. This is the amount of the ransom asked for JonBenet Ramsey.

I had noticed a number of troubling connections between AIM ideology, AIM activists, and this unsolved murder; so I decided to see if the figure of 118,000 had any significance for Churchill.

The MIM article I found was a defense of Churchill. The figure of 118,000 was said to be the number of Iraqi children said to be in danger of dying due to the U.N. sanctions on Iraq. Dead children seemed to be related to Jonbenet:

"On December 23, 1991, a St. Louis Post-Dispatch (Missouri) editorial reported: 'The sanctions have indeed been choking Iraqis to death...118,000 children are at risk of death.'" [Full Text]

Sometimes it seems to me that the tenured Plagiarist of Ethnic Studies Ward Churchill persynally [MIM-spell] writes these defenses of himself for the MIM. This is only Snapple's opinion, of course. Still, Snapple has free speech. Sort of.

If Wardo can claim that FBI-backed death squads murdered 342 Indians on Pine Ridge Indian reservation, why can't Snapple can hold some controversial opinions about the tenured plagiarist's possible involvement in the JonBenet murder?

Plus, the JonBenet ransom note is plagiarized !



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