Saturday, December 30, 2006

Maoist MIM on United Front Tactics

The Maoist organization known as MIM often defends the pseudo-Indian Plagiarist of Ethnic Studies Ward Churchill. Sometimes, it even seems that Churchill might be writing for the MIM, but it is hard to be positive.

Churchill claims that he is an advocate for Indians, but really the Maoists who support Churchill are only interested in using the Indians as human shields to advance their utopian communist cause.

Here is a very telling MIM quote about united front tactics. MIM advocates using the Indians to advance the anti-imperialist (anti-American) agenda. That's always been the communist nationalities policy--but here MIM admits it:

"MIM would only see importance in ...a struggle to resuscitate [First Nations] culture if it opposed imperialism........A national struggle that advances the fight against imperialism is positive. Preserving culture for its own sake is not part of the Marxist agenda. Whatever resources the tribes can wrest away from imperialism they should take." ["Resolutions on Cross-Cultural Breeding" 2004]

Churchill's cheerleaders at the Maoist MIM also says that Maoists should make a united front with religious forces (ie Islamists) who oppose "imperialism" (ie the USA) since the USA is a more serious opponent than the Islamists:

"Currently, the principal contradiction that we face in trying to move towards a better world is that between imperialism and the oppressed. In that respect we can ally with anti-imperialist forces that hold religious beliefs, even if those beliefs serve to prop up other power structures such as the patriarchy. We can ally against imperialism..." ["Boricuan Jihadists Drop Anti-Imperialist Album" 2005].

It sure does seem that Churchill is toeing the MIM party line on these two points.


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