Monday, December 18, 2006

Vladimir Visotsky (1938-1980)

Picture credit and original translations of Vladimir Semeonovich Visotsky's songs at

Here is another link at "Little Russia in US" devoted to the famous but unofficial Russian balladeer, Vladimir Visotsky.

Officially, Visotsky worked as an actor and was most famous for his role as Hamlet. His songs were performed unofficially in the former USSR, but they were not published in his lifetime.

This site is called "Visotsky in Different Tongues." The site has the texts of his songs in different languages. You can click on musical notes to hear the songs while reading in your own language.

This site is called "All About Visotsky: The Official Site of the Visotsky Fund." Here is their English link.

Here is the Wikipedia entry for Visotsky which has extensive links.

Here are his famous songs "I hate" and "Wolf Hunting." in English and Russian. Click on the musical note to hear the songs in Russian and read the text in English or Russian.

At "Visotsky in Different Tongues" the songs are listed in English and Russian so that you can easily click on a song in Russian and English and listen to the original Russian.


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