Friday, January 12, 2007

Heracles/Hercules Chases Off the Stymphalian Birds

Picture Credit and study guide

Picture Credit

A Mythology site called Timeless Myths describes how the Greek hero Heracles chased off the Stymphalian Birds:

Heracles was required to chase away Stymphalian Birds that were ravaging the countryside around the lake called Stymphalus, in north-eastern Arcadia.

The Stymphalian birds were so numerous that Heracles was at loss on how to drive the birds away. He knew that he would not have enough arrows and javelins to kill all the birds.

Athena, again, came to his aid, and gave a rattle that should frighten the birds into flight.

Heracles used the rattle to make loud noise from the mountain that frightened the birds into flight. Heracles shot down a number of birds, before driving the rest away.

They may have been the same birds that infested the barren island, sacred to Ares. The Argonauts encountered these birds, where Oileus was wounded by one of the deadly feathers.

Amphidamas of Arcadia, had remembered how Heracles drove away the Stymphalian Birds, with loud noises.


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