Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Abandon Ship!

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Ward Churchill says that he is going to represent himself at his dismissal-for-cause hearing at the University of Colorado. Where is his lawyer David Lane? Where is the lawyers' Guild?
Where is the flotilla of ACLU "free speech" lawyers? Off rescuing that crazy Snapple?

The Drunkablog opines:

Chutch "agreed to participate in the dismissal process"? Meaning what? That he could have turned it down--"thanks guys, but it's a new semester and I want to get back to teaching?" Or is it that (more rationally) he could have gotten a delay (!) in the process in order to find another lawyer? What happened to Churchill's attorney, David Lane, anyway? Did he quit because he couldn't get his $20,000? Hard to imagine Dave turning down the free publicity even if Churchill couldn't pay him a dime. Maybe they had a falling out, which, as the old saying goes, such people often do. Or maybe Lane realized the case is a slam-dunk loss and doesn't want to be associated with it anymore....Where's the ACLU, of which Lane is a member? If it's all about the relentless suppression of Churchill's free speech, why isn't there a flotilla of ACLU lawyers around him right now? Even the Lawyers Guild, which earlier in the controversy bravely manned the barricades to defend Churchill's &tc., doesn't seem interested.


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