Thursday, August 10, 2006

Legal Lane's Lament

David Lane, Ward Churchill's lawyer, says that he wants to start a "revolution" at U.C. Boulder because the university is not agreeing to contribute up to 20,000 dollars toward Churchill's legal expenses for his hearing before the Privilege and Tenure Committee on charges of academic misconduct.

The Committee has not contributed any money for legal expenses for cases that have come before it in recent years.
Burnett. "Churchill's lawyer says CU 'revolution' needed." August 9, 2006. Rocky Mountain News]

David Lane told the Rocky, "I want [professors] to know nobody is safe...If C.U. can (mess) with Ward Churchill, they can (mess) with anyone." [
Burnett. August 9, 2006]

At the moment, however, it is Ward Churchill who is "messing" with professors, not C.U. It is Ward Churchill who has completely misrepresented and plagiarized what other scholars have written.

Churchill's misrepresentations and fabrications have been unmasked and posted on the Internet in a recent article by Dr. Thomas Brown.
[Plagiary ]

If C.U. can't fire Churchill, then he will be free to misrepresent the scholarship of other professors.

Churchill is always whining about how his free speech is being violated, but he is the one who misrepresents what other people have written.

We are surprised to see that David Lane is crying over spilt milk. After all, this fight isn't about David's ricebowl. As everyone knows, David was going to donate his legal fee to the ACLU.


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