Monday, February 19, 2007

Plagiarism Makes YOU the Dummy!

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"[F]alsification and fabrication are habitual with Churchill"...Professor Thomas Brown

Professor Ward Churchill of the University of Colorado at Boulder has written that the smallpox epidemic that devastated the Mandan Indians in 1837 was a deliberate "genocide" caused by the American Army.

In 2006, Professor Thomas Brown of Lamar University published a magnificent analysis in "Plagiary" which demonstrated that Churchill's genocide rhetoric was fabricated and falsified.

Professor Brown observed:

"Churchill fabricated all of the central details of his [Mandan Indian] genocide story. Churchill also falsified the sources he cites in support of his genocide charges, sources which say the opposite of what Churchill attributes to them. Moreover, we must conclude that falsification and fabrication are habitual with Churchill. This essay has analyzed not much more than three cumulative pages of Churchill’s writing, drawn from across six different essays. (Since Churchill published his second version at least twice, this adds up to at least seven different publications.) Within those few pages, Churchill has committed multiple counts of research misconduct—specifically, fabrication and falsification."

In June 2005, Churchill responded to charges that he had falsely accused the U.S. Army of deliberately starting a smallpox epidemic by claiming:

"What happened at Fort Clark was far worse than I indicated. Far worse....And now I've got the documentation, the paper, to prove it. So next time I iterate it, it's going to be a much sharper finding on genocidal intent with Fort Clark."

Churchill still has not produced the evidence he claims he has, and even if he did, it would not exculpate him from charges of research misconduct for his fabricated documentation about the causes of the Mandan smallpox outbreak.

The Rocky Mountain News did a series that exposed Ward Churchill's dishonest scholarship. The stories are indexed here.


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