Saturday, May 26, 2007

Stephano and Trinculo Defend Ward Churchill!

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Serial miscalculators Stephano and Trinculo were observed running around the Blogosphere last night with crayons, drawing mustaches on Mimi Wesson, and urging everyone to sober up.

MIM scribbled:

"The sooner the University of Colorado kangaroo committee and Hank Brown realize that their struggle is going down in flames, the better for everyone involved. The reactionaries' effort will be futile...

It's time for the University of Colorado to give it up. In most universities, someone with as much notoriety and influence in a field who had taught as long as Ward Churchill would be paid a lot more than $96,000. The University of Colorado was getting a great bargain."

Snapple discussed this state of affairs with her freewheeling flagship alter Towanda, and Towanda's prediction is that Professor Wardo's bubble is about to burst [video].


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