Thursday, May 10, 2007

Committee Report on Ward Churchill Sent to President Brown

"[I]t is a matter not just of courtesy, but of ethics, to make proper attribution to those upon whose ideas and research one relies."---Ward Churchill! (Heh!)

The University of Colorado's faculty publication The Silver and Gold Record reports that the the Privilege and Tenure panel members have sent their recommendation about Ward Churchill's conduct [video] to President Hank Brown.

Ward Churchill claims that the majority of the panel felt that Churchill's conduct [video] merited "something other than termination." Of course, Churchill often mischaracterizes the words of other professors.

The University can't release this report because of confidentiality, and Churchill isn't releasing the report so that we can see for ourselves what the professors wrote. The Great White Wardo expects us to buy a pig in a poke. From him! Yeah, right!

The Silver and Gold Record (5-10-07) reports:

President Hank Brown has finally received the report from the Privilege and Tenure Committee regarding dismissal of Ward Churchill of UCB ethnic studies, CU officials announced Tuesday.

Churchill told S&GR that the report is a "mixed bag" because even though it contains errors, the majority of the P&T panel members have recommended something "other than termination." Brown now has 15 business days to weigh the entire record of the case and decide how to proceed. If Brown opts against dismissal, the case would be closed, and Brown could choose to reinstate Churchill or impose disciplinary sanctions.

If Brown disagrees with a P&T recommendation against dismissal, he must send the matter back to P&T, which would have 15 days to reconsider and issue a second report to the president. At that time, regardless of the second P&T recommendation, Brown could send the dismissal to the Board of Regents for approval. Churchill would then have 20 business days to respond to the president's decision to dismiss and to decide whether he wants a private hearing with the board.

Any action the regents take on the recommendation must be done in public.

Churchill said he is not planning to release the P&T report at this time.

CU spokesperson Michele McKinney said yesterday, "It would be highly inappropriate for us to comment on a personnel matter that is under review."


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