Sunday, April 22, 2007

Speaking Truth to Power, Really!

The Chuppet Show!

The Ward Churchill Pep Rally [video] is scheduled for April 28, 2007. There will probably be updates on PirateBallerina and Drunkablog [video] about discrimination against bloggers.

Drunkablog is already asking:

Speaking of puppets, isn't it about time Ken Bonetti and the folks at Students and Faculty for "True" Academic Freedom got that flyer out about Saturday's meet 'n' agiteet? Does CU specify that flyers must be posted a certain amount of time before an event? It's less than a week away now.

It turns out that the chuppets are now planning to censor bloggers at their pep rally--only "real" media will be permitted to take pictures or tape the speakers.

It seems to me that if teachers at the University of Colorado are really interested in "speaking truth to power," they now have their chance. CU teachers should attend this rally and show the students how Professor Churchill and his terminally-ignorant, gullible, or cynical chuppets are manipulating them. All the teachers have to do is show the students what Churchill says and then show the students his footnotes. This is actually not rocket science. Teachers have an obligation to inform students about the difference between honest research and fraud [video].

Instead of ignoring the Chuppet Show, the teachers should all attend and use their free speech to stand up to Churchill's lies.

As early as 1996, the brilliant Indian law professor John LaVelle demonstrated that Ward Churchill was a historical fabricator, but Wardo was a cunning and powerful adversary. He had lawyers; he intimidated people by disguising himself as an Indian and exploiting "white guilt," so people didn't do anything to stop him.

The ugly truth is that Wardo is a narcissistic white man [video] who intimidates and bullies Indians or anyone who points out his lies.

By at least 2003, even I was writing about Ward Churchill's frauds. My motives were not political and had nothing to do with his 9-11 essay, which I didn't even know about until it was reported on in 2005. I had simply come across Churchill's works in the course of studying the propaganda surrounding the JonBenet Ramsey murder [video] and realized that Wardo was fabricating Indian history.

If Dean Saitta, Ken Bonetti, and Ben Whitmer choose to defend this vicious, violent, academic con-artist by mislabelling his frauds as "free speech," nobody can stop them from doing Ward Churchill's dirty work for him. There will always be chuppets---untalented opportunists who attach themselves to powerful cult leaders.

But why aren't the other C.U. teachers brave enough to confront Wardo's three chuppets? Probably the cowardly Wardo will not show up for his pep rally.

Wardo will probably leave all the dirty work to his chuppets---Saitta, Benotti, and Whitmer. Wardo always leaves some chuppets holding the bag. Ask the Indians.

American teachers now have the heroic example of the elderly Professor Liviu Librescu at Virginia Tech who blocked his classroom door with his body and protected his students at the cost of his life. He had survived the NAZIS and the Communists, so he knew he was called on to do something to stop the mass-murderer.

There were other heroes at Virginia Tech, too. Some young students and other teachers didn't have the personal experience of the Hitler's Holocaust or of Ceaucescu's Romania, but they did have the courage to stand up to a crazed murderer.

A few young male students barred the door of their classroom so that their wounded classmates would not be finished off. The killer had shot almost all of their classmates. He promised the wounded, "I'll be back," and moved on to another classroom.

A few young men in the classroom could have used this opportunity to escape, but they stood their ground and tried to save their wounded classmates. One of these heroes was even bleeding from an artery and later told his family that he wanted to escape. Instead, he tied up his wounds and blocked the door with his body. He said he couldn't just leave the other kids.

Ryan Clark, 23, lost his life trying to protect a defenseless college girl from the shooter. An honor student with a double-major, Ryan rose to his obligations as dorm resident and as a man. Ryan has earned a lot more than a four-point average at Virginia Tech. Ryan was a member of the marching band, but on April 16, 2007, Ryan fell as a soldier and a hero. His devastated parents, family, and friends must be so proud of him. He was a real man.

Other teachers also helped their students, and students told their teachers what was happening and sounded the alarm.

It seems to me like it would be a good thing for the entire CU faculty to confront Ward Churchill by marching through the door and attending his ridiculous pep rally on April 28, 2007.

Ward Churchill has been a known liar for many years, but he was protected by a politicized, gullible, or corrupt faculty.

It is really hypocritical of Wardo's politicized chuppets to claim that the "right wing" is after Wardo. That may be true since 2005, but if CU academics were true liberals--in the classical meaning of the word--why didn't they rise to their obligations as academics and liberals and toss this this bullying fraud out the door [video] a long time ago? Instead, CU academics locked the kids in the classroom with this dangerous liar.

I would be ashamed to be that kind of teacher.


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