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The Atlanta Child Murders and Radical Propaganda

But First, the Most Ridiculous Item of the Day!

If you go to Ward Churchill's famous 9-11 essay, "Some People Push Back: On the Justice of Roosting Chickens," Wardo divines that in 1996 Madeleine Albright "responded" to the 1998 remarks of a UN official named Denis Halliday!.....Odd.....How did Albright ever manage to respond to Halliday two years before he made his remarks? He didn't even have that job in 1996.

And now, an update on The UnChutchables! (Check back for updates!)

It seems that Natsu Saito, the wife of the University of Colorado's Tenured Plagiarist of Ethnic Studies Ward Churchill, used to be named Natsu Jenga. She evidently used to be married to an Atlanta activist named Chimurenga Jenga. Natsu Saito may have also been named Nancy Elaine Taylor. I am not positive about that. Sometimes Saito, who has a law degree from Yale, may even post on-line as "Truthforce."

Here are Natsu and Chimurenga Jenga in 1989 signing a legal document, evidently as a married couple. They also seem to have a daughter named Akilah Jenga.

It turns out that Chimurenga Jenga was a vigilante during the years of the Atlanta child murders. He carried a gun or a bat and patrolled the streets during the infamous period of the child-murders. [See page 2 for Jenga] The vigilantes were known by the sobriquet "the bat patrol."

According to a report by Dan Rather on the CBS Evening News (3-20-81), Chimurenga Jenga said that the Atlanta "police function as oppressors of the downtrodden."

According to this communist site, the real killer of the children was the KKK, and the government knew it and protected the killers:

Why did the government allow the klan to commit these hideous murderers, month after month? Why did it cover-up the klan's responsibility and why has it protected these murders from prosecution to this day? These are vital questions which only can be answered by looking into the historic and ongoing relationship between the government and the ku klux klan.

The klan and other similar fascist paramilitary organizations are used by the ruling class to repress and terrorize the masses of working people. The klan was founded by the former slave owners after the Civil War to violently restore their rule over the Black Belt South. Over the last century, klan terror has been essential to the efforts of the small minority of wealthy white landowners and capitalists to enforce their rule over the Black majority in the Black Belt South, as well as the white working people.

The klan has traditionally been organized through the police and sheriffs departments. It has, therefore, always been an appendage of the capitalist state apparatus. It is an extra-legal arm of state repression which works together with the legal arms of state repression (the police, the military, the courts, etc.), to terrorize the people. The klan and other fascist para-military groups are used to carry out acts of terror which the government wants to see done but cannot carry out openly. They are the U.S. equivalent of the "death squads" that operate in El Salvador, Guatemala and other countries.

The klan is financed by wealthy capitalists and is armed by the police and military....

The U.S. government apparatus at all levels (local, state and federal) was involved in the operation to cover-up the klan's responsibility for the murders. It is important to note that liberal politicians, who profess to be against racism and fascism, colluded completely with this cover-up. In fact, it was the liberal Black political officials in Atlanta who played the key role in protecting the klan. The investigation into the murders was presided over by a Black mayor, Maynard Jackson, and a Black police commissioner, Lee Patrick Brown. These two traitors to their people covered up the klan's responsibility, protected the klansmen from prosecution and suppressed the people's efforts to defend themselves. Because they refused to arrest the klan killers, the blood of the murdered children is on their hands, too. (Full text).

I think it is ridiculous to claim that Atlanta's black mayor and black police force would protect the killer/s of black children, but the communist propagandists took advantage of these murders to make a lot of anti-government propaganda.

Here are the links quoted from the communist site. I think the true agenda of these communist writers is to smear the government in the eyes of American citizens, not to solve the child-murders:

The Klan Killed the Black Children in Atlanta, February 1987
The Murders
The Cover-Up
The Cause
The Solution
Police Documents
Document 1
Document 2
Document 3

Unlike this communist site, an FBI criminal FBI profiler named John E. Douglas believes that Wayne Williams, the man convicted of two of the killings, did not kill all of the children. According to Wikipedia:

Douglas believes that law enforcement has some idea of who the other killers are, cryptically adding "it isn't a single offender and the truth isn't pleasant."

Here is the FBI documentation on the murders.

Here is the Crime Library entry on the Atlanta Child Murders.

Hat Tip: I first read that Natsu Saito was married to Chimurenga Jenga from a commenter named Noj on Drunkablog who wrote:

Churchill is not the first conspiracy theorist that Natsu (real name: Nancy Elaine) has married. Natsu's first husband was Chimurenga Jenga (not his real name, obviously). Mr. Jenga's pet theory was that the white devils were conspiring to commit genocide against Atlanta's black population by murdering black children. And the arrest and conviction of Wayne Williams -- a black man -- for the serial child murders in Atlanta was part of the greater conspiracy.
Noj 03.05.07 - 12:08 pm


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Snapple's response is typical of whites who fail to view history objectively and/or from the experiences of victims of European aggression: namely people of color. I think the Atlanta murders prove again that people of color, especially black people, can still be physically impacted by a white majority, with a powerful, militarized, state organized, enforcement mechanism. History is replete with "this" type of white aggression. Read before you emote, some of us ARE students of history.

3:23 PM  

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