Friday, March 09, 2007

The UnChutchables! "Wood Rasp" Whitmer Disses Burritoists Worldwide and Natsu Saito Steps into a Car with Ward Churchill!

The Drunkablog reports that he attended the Ward Churchill Teach-In on Tuesday, March 6, 2007.

C.U. teacher Benjamin Whitmer (pictured above), spoke.

"Wood Rasp" Whitmer, who has disparaged businessman Peter Fotopoulos as a "burrito vendor," evidently prodded this pesky Fotopoulos, who was in attendance, to stop videotaping the Teach-In.

But it doesn't matter, because yours truly descended from the Grassy Knoll and live-blogged the entire 16 hours [video]!

Grant Crowell and PB eat your heart out!!

Madame Wardo was great! After all, she is the wife of (former)
Chairman Wardo, and she went to Yale! [audio]

This public event to "educate" the public about the disgraced Plagiarist of Ethnic studies, Ward Churchill, was marred by one slight hitch: "Wood Rasp"---not exactly the sharpest knife in the Ethnic Studies drawer---inadvertently mistook this Burritoist talent scout for a spy!

Poor "Wood Rasp"! I wonder if Wardo will ever be able to forgive him? And the Maoist MIM will probably get all lathered up again, too!

Harrassing the Burritoist Fotopoulos showed incredibly poor judgement on Whitmer's part. Whitmer may soon be trying to match his skill sets with a suitable position in the food service industry too [video], so it is really pretty bad judgement on his part to be dissing Burritoist Roaders while hanging out on the World Wide Web.

Whitmer's impolitic habit of threatening to rape people with a wood rasp has undoubtedly now disqualifed him from that coveted sinecure set aside for UnChutchables at Casa Bonita: impersonating Chiquita the angry gorilla! (Wardo has first dibs, of course). On the plus side, Whitmer's creation of that swaggering Internet persona "Moredock" demonstrates that he has "the right stuff" to be cast for one of the pirate positions (Not to be confused with this pirate, however!). I sure hope young "Wood Rasp" hasn't blown his big showbiz break by accusing the Burritoist talent scout of being a spy!

Drunkablog noted that Ward Churchill's fourth wife, Natsu Saito (seen in this undated photo on the left, seated next to Ward Churchill), also spoke; but Drunka failed to do justice to her performance [reprise of 16-hour video]...

Saito, who has unfortunately contracted an embarrassing, contagious, and possibly terminal case of spy mania, warned everyone that Crowellians in the audience were audiotaping the public Teach-In and predicted that her Wardo will be kaput in the next couple of months.

Actually, what happened at the Teach-In was far worse than Drunkablog indicated. Far worse...And now I've got the documentation, the picture (above), to prove it. So next time, when I iterate it, it's going to be a much sharper finding: After the event, Natsu Saito got into a car with Ward Churchill!

Bizness Leak reports that in the event that Casa Bonita expands its performances to the parking lot, managment might decide to work N. Saito (whose cv until recently noted that she had a perfect 800 on her LSAT) into the UnChutchables act, too! (Hat Tip Pirate Ballerina 3-9-07)


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