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C.U. Teacher Benjamin Whitmer Wishes That "Westword" Editor Patricia Calhoun Would Be "Fucked with a Wood Rasp"!

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Benjamin Whitmer, an English teacher at the University of Colorado, defends disgraced Professor Ward Churchill on his blog.
Mr. Whitmer recently struck a mock-heroic pose and opined in a C.U. student paper:
"There is a duty to speak out about [free speech] issues...The first duty is to the students, and they deserve all sides of a story. They deserve to be treated with the respect of telling them the truth. They deserve professors who engage them, who challenge the status quo, who care more about making them think than about getting them to regurgitate the same crap they learned to regurgitate in high school." [Hat tip Mr. Martin]
Actually, Whitmer is rabidly intolerant of different views, because he wrote on his blog that he wished that Patricia Calhoun, the editor of a Colorado magazine called Westword, should be "fucked with a wood rasp." [Hat tip Mr. Martin]
Whitmer also displayed his intolerance of differing perspectives when he wrote this about Vincent Carroll, the editor of the Rocky Mountain News:
"Fuck Vince Carroll...Fuck him with every ghastly medieval torture device known to humankind.... Had we our way, we'd stake his lower intestine to the ground and make the motherfucker take a half-mile walk." [Westword 1-18-07]
Ward Churchill was investigated by his peers---other scholars--- for academic misconduct. The scholars discovered that Churchill had mischaracterized and falsified what the scholars he cited actually wrote in their articles and books. In many cases, all the investigating scholars had to do was look up Churchill's footnotes.
Mr. Whitmer says that professors should show all sides of an argument, but Churchill didn't show all sides. He distorted and mischaracterized the other side.
I wrote in 2003 that Churchill had appropriated the story of the Osage Indian murders and used it as the subtext for his apocryphal account of alleged FBI-backed death squads that killed 342 Indians at Pine Ridge.
That's what Churchill does: he appropriates and distorts what others have written. Mr. Whitmer's free speech argument is specious because Churchill doesn't believe in free speech at all. He tries to re-write what others have written.
The Indian scholar and lawyer Professor John Lavelle complained about Churchill's dishonesty ten years ago, but C.U. didn't listen.
Ward Churchill's Indian sister-in-law, Rhonda Kelly, complained that Churchill wrote inaccurate information about her family and tribe, abused his late wife Leah, and tried to push Leah out of a moving car. Churchill himself has admitted that he threw her into a wall.
Professor Thomas Brown has demonstrated that Churchill mischaracterized what other scholars wrote when he claimed that the U. S. Army deliberately infected the Mandan Indians with smallpox. Brown concluded that "falsification and fabrication are habitual with Churchill."
The Rocky Mountain News did a series that exposed Ward Churchill's dishonest scholarship. The stories are indexed here.
Ward Churchill critic Mr. Paine has cataloged Churchill's history of dishonesty on Pirate Ballerina.
It is ironic to read that Ben Whitmer, of all people, chatters away about the possibility that college students might "regurgitate the same crap that they learned to regurgitate in high school" instead of the "truth" according to Churchill and Whitmer.
In my opinion, it is Benjamin Whitmer himself who laps up and regurgitates Ward Churchill's mendacious "crap."
Respected scholars have studied Churchill's writings and footnotes. They have demonstrated that it is Churchill's practice to brazenly misrepresent the very people he supposedly "quotes" in his own footnotes.
Churchill "quotes" respected scholars to give himself and his views credibility, but any researcher who checks out the footnoted sources can see that Churchill attributes to these cited scholars views that they simply don't hold.
The "scholar" Whitmer fails to rebut the specific arguments of Churchill's critics at all. Instead, he denigrates other people's sanity and intellectual abilities, labels them with red-flag epithets, or fantasizes about raping them with a stick.
Whitmer accuses the media of smearing him, but it is his own arrogant words and judgements about others that discredit him.
Whitmer demonstrates his intellectual arrogance when he suggests that American high school teachers are ignorant pedants who can't teach students to think for themselves. Many high school teachers have just as much education as Whitmer, and very few of them are as credulous.
I know lots of high school teachers who are smarter than Whitmer and Churchill. And I am quite certain that a high school teacher can nose-out transparent, puerile, plagiarisms faster than C.U. If Whitmer can't see that Churchill is a plagarist, he is unqualified to be a teacher.
According to Whitmer, high school students are parrots; and their college-educated teachers only train their students how to regurgitate "crap." Whitmer even denigrates his clients, C.U. college students, by suggesting that they are gullible morons who can't sort out the truth without mentoring from a charlatan like Churchill. Ben Whitmer is a "teacher" who wishes that he could rape people who don't share his views with a big stick.
It is Benjamin Whitmer who was duped by Churchill, but he won't admit it.
In my opinion, Whitmer is a dishonest scholar who uncritically regurgitates the hate-filled, propagandistic lies his teacher Ward Churchill feeds him. I note that Benjamin Whitmer is not a high school student, and Ward Churchill is not a high school teacher.


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