Sunday, January 28, 2007

CU Boulder's Professor Ward Churchill Advocates Slitting "Colonizers'" Throats

Picture credit and information on domestic abuse

Boulder's disgraced University of Colorado plagiarist, Professor Ward Churchill, spoke at Halifax, Nova Scotia on January 27, 2007.

Churchill reportedly said that "the colonized can over-come their situation through slitting the throat of their colonizer."
Source: Pirate Ballerina 1-28-07 via emak_bakia.

Ward Churchill is a big hypocrite and a violent person: Churchill admits that he threw his third wife, a young Canadian Indian woman named Leah Kelly, into a wall. Leah later died when she was run over by a car.

Researcher Grant Crowell writes that according to Leah's sister, Rhonda Kelly, Churchill also tried to push Leah out of a moving car. Crowell reports that Rhonda also said that Churchill tried to push his first wife, Dora Lee Larson, out of a moving car, too.

Really, Ward Churchill just likes hurting human beings.


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