Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Ward Churchill's Late Wife, Leah Kelly

Picture credit and Rocky Mountain News (6-8-05) story about the late Leah Kelly, the third wife of Professor Ward Churchill.

Here is an interview that researcher Grant Crowell did with Leah's sister, Rhonda Kelly. The Kelly family are Indians from Canada.

Here is Professor Ward Churchill's self-serving rationalization about why he abused his wife Leah.

Here is a Denver Post (2-13-05) account of Leah's death.

Professor Benjamin Whitmer of the University of Colorado at Boulder Department of Ethnic Studies disparages Leah's sister Rhonda as a "loony" because she said that Ward Churchill tried to push her sister Leah out of a moving car. Rhonda also said that Churchill tried to push his first wife out of a moving car." I think that Whitmer's remarks are nothing but prejudice; they certainly aren't backed up by any research.

Whitmer has no basis for calling Rhonda Kelly a loony. I think that Professor Whitmer just parrots what the disgraced Plargarist of Ethnic Studies, Ward Churchill, says. Probably Churchill hired him, and he is afraid of losing his job if Churchill is fired.

It seems to me that these white, leftist, CU Ethnic Studies professors aren't happy if they can't script what Indian women say. Their behavior reminds me a lot of the party line taken my the Maoist organization MIM, which tirelessly defends Ward Churchill:

"MIM would only see importance in ...a struggle to resuscitate [First Nations] culture if it opposed imperialism........A national struggle that advances the fight against imperialism is positive. Preserving culture for its own sake is not part of the Marxist agenda. Whatever resources the tribes can wrest away from imperialism they should take." ["Resolutions on Cross-Cultural Breeding" 2004]


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