Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Hutch That Chutch Built!

Picture Credit and link to Gutenberg's Ebook fairy tale The House That Jack Built.

Mr. Paine of PirateBallerina suspects that the name Faith Attaguile (1) may actually be a pseudonym for Boulder's disgraced University of Colorado professor Ward "Chutch" Churchill. Back in November, Mr. Paine observed:

CNews 14November06
From our We Knew We'd Heard That Name Somewhere Before department: The first signature listed on the recent Resolution published on the Ward Churchill Solidarity Network is Faith Attaguile, which we now recall is the same name as the contributing editor to the Dark Night field notes and ostensible author of "Why Do You Think We Call It Struggle?" The "Struggle" essay, as we commented over a year ago, reads very much like a Ward Churchill screed, which leads us to wonder if "Faith Attaguile" might have chaired the Ethnic Studies department at CU a year or so ago, perhaps under a different name....

In any case, here's a review "Faith Attaguile" wrote of Churchill's booklength version of On The Justice of Roosting Chickens back in 2004. Odd, but with a couple of exceptions, "Faith Attaguile" has confined her literary output over the years to the defense or review of Ward Churchill's platform. Quite focused, for a "contributing editor."

Incidentally, back in 1998, "Attaguile" formed Dark Night Press in Rancho Santa Fe, California as a nonprofit publisher. Browsing the Dark Night Press website, we encountered the name of Nick Cheung, who appears to have been the designer of the Dark Night Press website, and we wondered if Nick is any relation to Michele Cheung, another signatory to the Resolution, who once interviewed James Craven, yet another Resolution signatory, for Dark Night Press; Craven once transcribed a speech on residential schools by Roland Chrisjohn, still another Resolution signer, who wrote an article on residential schools for Dark Night Press, which also published "The Kingdom of Hawai'i Declaration of Independence" (subtitled "The Kingdom of Hawai’i Nou Ke Akua Ke Aupuni O’ Hawai’i Announces Secession From the United States of America"); coincidentally, Resolution signatory Haunani Kay Trask claims she is a member of the Kanaka Maoli (Hawaii's indigenents), in whose name the "Declaration of Independence" was made.

It's a small world, after all.

(1) Mr. Paine also observed on March 19, 2005:

The article, "Why do you think we call it struggle?" is ostensibly by Faith Attaguile, contributing editor, Dark Night field notes, but its copious footnotes and apparent complete access to Churchill's personal files suggest strongly that if Churchill himself didn't author the article, he had a great deal of input into its writing; for example, the 15,000 word document (about 40 pages) has 180 footnotes--a signature (though not unique) mark of Churchill's writing. Additionally, Churchill is a co-founder of COAIM, and a frequent contributor to its web-pages."


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