Monday, January 15, 2007

Grant Crowell's Videos Expose Ward Churchill's Hypocrisy on the Issue of First Amendment Rights!

This link will take readers to You Tube videos made by Grant Crowell.

Mr. Crowell explains in four self-interviews that he decided to take on CU Boulder Professor Ward Churchill after Churchill told a crowd of people that it would be a "good thing" if Grant were executed, dismembered, and creamated like some NAZI cartoonist [Crowell self-interview #2].

Churchill frequently characterizes people who oppose his views as Nazis.

Grant says that Churchill is only interested in free speech for himself, but wants to intimidate others from having free speech.

Churchill argues that the 9th Amendment should prevent Americans from celebrating Columbus Day. In two videos, Mr. Crowell interviews four law professors who dispute Churchill's interpretation.

Mr. Crowell's Churchill-related videos go onto a second page. Right now, there are twelve videos.

Churchill is probably about be fired from the University of Colorado at Boulder for research misconduct, but he is trying to claim that he is being fired for his ideas and that CU is violating his free speech. In fact, he is being fired because of his plagiarism and dishonest scholarship.

Here is CU's Churchill Page. Official decisions about his Research Misconduct inquiry are posted on this site.


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