Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Undercover Video of Radical American Muslim Preaching in England!

Here are some disturbing undercover videos posted on the Little Green Footballs site. They are taken from a British documentary called Dispatches: Undercover Mosque.

A reporter went undercover and took these videos of Muslim sermons given in the Green Lane Mosque in Birmingham, England and in the Regent's Park Mosque in London. One of the main clerics in Birmingham was a black American, not an Arab.

I like to have respect for all genuinely spiritual people, but what is being taught in this mosque is just disgusting. Worshippers are taught to hit women and children, to throw homosexuals off mountains, to stab people with needles, and many other cruel practices.

Women are described as "deficient" because of their hormones. The preacher says that women should not be able to leave the house without the man's permission and that girls can be married before puberty.

The clergy preach against democracy and tolerance.


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