Sunday, January 21, 2007

Does Wardo Possess Oracular Superpowers, or Is He Just Possessed? Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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After his wife died, Professor Ward Churchill reportedly tried to convince his wife's family to visit a clairvoyant who might be able to contact his wife Leah from beyond the grave. This reportedly made his sister-in-law Rhonda Kelly very angry. [I read this, but have lost the quote. I will document this when I find the source.]

Above is a picture of an ancient clairvoyant, the famous Pythia, or Oracle of Apollo at Delphi. The Pythia was a middle-aged woman. Ancient Greeks would bring her a goat and ask her important questions of state because the god Apollo spoke through her. The Pythia would often answer the supplicants' questions ambiguously.

In the picture above, a supplicant is having an audience with the Pythia, who is seated on the left.

According to the legend, the god Apollo always spoke the truth, but sometimes arrogant people acted rashly based on their misreading the Pythia's response. She got their goat in more ways than one!

The Pythia could even predict the future, although sometimes supplicants misinterpreted the clairvoyant's prophesies.

Let's face it; telling the truth has not been Wardo's strong suit. He has been found guilty of research misconduct by an investigation at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

But perhaps a plausable case might still be cobbled together for Wardo's prophetic superpowers. If you go to his famous 9-11 essay, "Some People Push Back: On the Justice of Roosting Chickens," Wardo divines that in 1996 Madeleine Albright "responded" to the 1998 remarks of a UN official named Denis Halliday!.....Hmmmm....I guess I am not convinced that Wardo was channeling Madeleine Albright. (1)

Still, even though all his balloons have been punctured, it seems that See-Through Boulder's most infamous gasbag, the prophetic Wardo, continues to inspire followers, of sorts. Or hats (scroll down).

Piece of Work Cited

(1) Wardo might have gotten his wires crossed; perhaps he was inadvertently channeling “comrade academician doctor engineer Elena Ceausescu, brilliant politician and patriotic scholar of broad international renown"? Hey, anyone can make a mistake! As Wardo would say, "So, I glad-handed things a bit. Mea culpa."


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