Monday, March 05, 2007

"Anti-Imperialist" Site Claims That Professor Ward Churchill Has Been Fired!

The Quack Frog
Once apon a time, a frog hopped out of his home in the marsh and proclaimed to all the beasts in the land that he was a great and learned physician, skilled in the use of drugs and able to heal all diseases.
A Fox asked him, "How can you pretend to prescribe for others, when you are unable to heal your own lame gait and wrinkled skin?" [link]
According to the Maoist-led Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement (RAIM), the Plagiarist of Ethnic Studies, Ward Churchill, has been fired from the University of Colorado. The RAIM [March 5, 2007] claims:
"Ward Churchill got fired from the University of KKKolorado-Boulder for telling the brutal truth about AmeriKKKan hiSStory."
The RAIM claims that Churchill, his bride, and his blog toadie, Benjamin Whitmer, will be holding a teach in "[to] clear up misconceptions and rumors about Ward Churchill’s case..."
Nobody from Ward Churchill's own Department of Ethnic Studies seems scheduled to speak at the teach-in. Perhaps they are embarrassed that the head of their department turned out to be such a big plagiarist and historical fabricator.
The University of Colorado has not yet posted any confirmation of the RAIM's claims on its official Ward Churchill Academic Misconduct site. The long-anticipated news about Ward Churchill's downfall [video] would be more authoritative from the official University site.
March 6, 2007 Update: Ward Churchill watchers such as Drunkablog and Pirate Ballerina [3-6-07]continue to maintain that Churchill has not been fired--yet. This seems likely since, as noted above, the official C.U. Ward Churchill Academic Misconduct site has not announced that he has been fired.


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