Sunday, March 04, 2007

Pull Out the Stopper! Let's Have a Whopper!

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"There's just a few more hours.
That's all the time you've got;
A few more hours
Before they tie the knot."
---Alan Jay Lerner
Colorado-Boulder Chancellor G.P. “Bud” Peterson made a prediction about the fate of C.U. Boulder's embattled Plagiarist of Ethnic Studies, Ward Churchill, in a 3-1-07 interview he gave the Grand Junction Sentinel. The Sentinel reports:
A faculty committee reviewing Churchill’s conduct [video] is expected to make a recommendation to [C.U. Boulder President]Brown in about two weeks, Peterson said. Then, Brown will make a recommendation to the school’s Board of Regents:
“I don’t think he’ll have to deliberate a terribly long time” over what he'll recommend to the board [video], Peterson said of Brown.


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