Sunday, March 18, 2007

Is "Wood Rasp" Whitmer Going the Way of the Wardo?

Adjunct Junked?
Well, I am sitting on pins and needles!
According to PirateBallerina (a site that monitors the tenured Plagiarist of Ethnic Studies Ward Churchill), C. U. Instructor and Ward Churchill apologist Benjamin "Wood Rasp" Whitmer may not be teaching this summer.
Could it be that Benjamin Whitmer, understudy to Ward Churchill and proud publisher of try-works, is not teaching any classes at CU this summer (pdf, page 10)? If this is true...then it looks like Whitmer will have mucho time to split between try-works and updating his c.v. Say, here's a great time-saver, "Professor" Whitmer: Use try-works as your c.v. What college hiring committee could fail to be impressed (impressed!) with the quality of writing, vocabulary, and just damn good critical thinking try-works showcases?

Picture credit: wood rasps

Benjamin Whitmer, who used his blog to champion Ward Churchill's right to free speech and who minimized the University of Colorado's documentation of Churchill's research misconduct, threatened Colorado writers with lethal tortures: disembowelment or rape with a wood rasp.

I don't think a man with such violent, thuggish, sexual fantasies should be trusted around young college students.

Whitmer wrote this about Vincent Carroll, the editor of the Rocky Mountain News:

"Fuck Vince Carroll...Fuck him with every ghastly medieval torture device known to humankind.... Had we our way, we'd stake his lower intestine to the ground and make the motherfucker take a half-mile walk." [Westword 1-18-07]

Whitmer wrote on his blog that that Patricia Calhoun, the editor of a Colorado magazine called Westword, should be "fucked with a wood rasp." I wrote about this here.

Picture credit and Rocky Mountain News story about the death of Ward Churchill's third wife, Leah Kelly

Benjamin Whitmer also helped Ward Churchill discredit his late wife's sister, Rhonda Kelly, as a loony. Rhonda Kelly has reportedly said that Ward Churchill abused her late sister Leah and even tried to push her out of a moving car.

Churchill himself admits that he assaulted his wife, Leah: "I broke and slammed [my wife] back against our bedroom wall, telling her that if she kept it up, she’d be apt to land in a hospital."

Churchill claims Leah was mentally ill and alcoholic because of her family background. Really, I think this young woman became ill because Ward Churchill was an abusive husband.


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