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"Charley Arthur" Denigrates the Testimony of Rhonda Kelly, an Indian Woman

The tenured Plagiarist of Ethnic Studies Ward Churchill tries to fool people into thinking that he is some kind of human rights advocate: an Indian academic who champions the Indian viewpoint that has been suppressed in American society. Churchill's late wife (the third of Churchill's four wives), Leah Kelly, was even a Canadian Indian.

In my opinion, Churchill actually suppresses Indian viewpoints. To me, Churchill seems to be like one of those sticky-fingered, white Oklahomans who were appointed to be guardians so that they could "protect" wealthy Indians deemed incompetent to manage their oil money.

Churchill seems to think that he is the self-appointed guardian or spokesman for the "incompetent" Kelly family. After Leah was hit and killed by a car, Churchill wrote this creepy preface to her book, In My Own Voice.

Leah's sister Rhonda says that Churchill misrepresented her family's history in the preface he wrote and abused Leah, so Churchill's defenders have depicted Rhonda as crazy.

One Churchill defender, a foul-mouthed blogger who posts at Tryworks.org under the pseudonym "Charley Arthur," claims that Churchill's in-laws are mentally-incompetent, third-generation alcoholics who are unreliable witnesses against Churchill because they or their ancestors were abused at Indian residential schools.

Some people think that "Charley Arthur" may really be Ward Churchill. Certainly Churchill does not object when "Charley Arthur" denigrates Churchill's relatives.

How is it that Churchill deems Leah a reliable source for this book if she suffered from the same so-called "residential school syndrome" that Churchill claims plagued the Kelly family?

Churchill depicts Leah and her family as victims of "the white man" in his preface, but Leah's family says that the white man who hurt their family and its youngest member was Churchill.

"Charley Arthur"/Churchill tries to suppress what this Indian family says by depicting them as a bunch of drunken Indians. "Charley Arthur"/Churchill is using a racist stereotype about Indians to obscure the probable cause of Leah's drinking in the final years of her life---spousal abuse. It is "Charley Arthur"/Churchill who seems to be in denial about that; not the Kellys.

Rhonda Kelly, the sister of Ward Churchill's late wife Leah, reportedly told videographer Grant Crowell that Churchill abused her late sister and even tried to push Leah out of a moving car; so "Charley Arthur" tries to discredit Rhonda by saying that unnamed witnesses have testified that all of the Kellys were notorious drunks for generations.

"Charley Arthur" never mentions that Rhonda has been a student in law school; he tries to make her sound like she is just some drunken, crazy, messed-up woman, but he only succeeds in making himself sound like a vicious drunk in denial about his own guilt.

"Charley Arthur" also makes sickening physical threats against videographer Crowell and distorts beyond recognition the research I have documented on this blog about the troubling and complicated evidence that I think links Ward Churchill's vicious advocacy of revolutionary violence to the December 26, 1996 torture-murder of kindergartener JonBenet Ramsey.

Compare what "Charley Arthur" claims I have written about the Osage Indian murders (below) to what I have actually written. It is very easy to see that "Charley Arthur" mischaracterizes what I have written, just as Ward Churchill mischaracterizes the scholars he "cites" in his books and articles. [See also my very first post, "342 Indians" and search all my posts about JonBenet.]

"Charley Arthur" posted this very revealing 3-11-07 comment to videographer and Churchill critic Grant Crowell:

...Ronda Kelly...as we’ve now confirmed through a half-dozen sources in a position to know [no citation or names provided], was afflicted with such severe trauma as a child that she’s been undergoing one or another therapy—that offered by Adult Children of Alcoholics being but one—since her teens...

...Ronda Kelly...is herself documentably afflicted with acute alcoholism...

You ARE aware—are you not?—that the Kelly family as a whole acquired such notoriety for publicly belligerent drunkness over the past three generations that those engaging in such behavior in the Kenora/St. Francis area of NW Ontario are still frequently referred to as “acting like Kellys.”

And you DO know—don’t you?—that “a virulent and intractable pathology of denial” is a keystone of the so-called Residential School Syndrome, as Churchill characterizes the variety of psychological carnage suffered by the Kellys (Ronda quite specifically included).

You wouldn’t happen to be borrowing a few chops from ace journalist Charlie Brennan at the RMN, would you Grant? Really: Ol’ Chuckles “forgot” to mention exactly the same things when he “reported” on the Kellys’

Tell us it ain’t so, Walking Eagle.

And tell us that your next “expose” ain’t gonna be a verbatim excerpt from an exclusive interview with Snapple, explaining how Churchill really DID off Jon Benet as a cover for his orchestration of the Oklahoma oil field murders back in the mid-20s [See what I actually wrote here], or the transcript of a session with an institutionalized schizo-paranoid who’s “proven” that the tall guy on the grassy knoll credited with the Kennedy head-shot was actually Churchill.

Ah, but you can’t, can you, you shitlicking little cocksucker?

Your propensity to lie is no less pathologically compulsive than Ronda Kelly’s to deny, isn’t it?

Hence, a humanitarian gesture on our part: Comes the moment of our forthcoming 1-on-1 in Chicago, Walking Eagle, we’re volunteering right here and now to administer unto you a desperately-needed hot lead enema.

Two or three in succession, if need be.

It’s not really clear that your condition hasn’t already become too advanced for even such radical intervention as that to be effective, but it’s the only thing we can imagine that stands a chance of purging you of the rapidly-increasing quantity of maggot-infested excrement clogging the bowels of what, in your hyper-constipated state of delusion, you imagine to be a mind.

Should the remedy fail, youth-in-Asia may be the only solution to your pollution.

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