Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Narcissist Maoist MIM Takes Umbrage!

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"God sees everything."--George Wilson in The Great Gatsby
On 4-4-07, I noted the obvious: the Maoist MIM is a narcissist. MIM took exception to this description.
If MIM doesn't like looking at himself through the eyes of others, perhaps this narcissist should wear dark glasses [video] like his idol Wardo.
On 4-7-07 the Maoist MIM expressed umbrage about being called a narcissist [video] and threatened to retaliate if Ward Churchill is not reinstated in his teaching duties. If the Great White Wardo [video] is reinstated, MIM laughably offers to "let by-gones be by-gones."
Here is the ridiculous narcissist MIM "dictating" his terms:
We are glad to hear rumors that MIM is narcisstic about reporting on FBI, because that will make it easier for our pursuers to guess what we are going to do next, being bourgeois narcissistic pieces of shit just like them. We would not want a misunderstanding, an idea that MIM is not taking this persynally this time...
For this episode to end, FBI is going to have to get square with Ward Churchill. If MIM finds out that Ward Churchill is going to miss another year of teaching this fall, there is no telling what MIM narcissists will do as retaliation. There will be legal retaliation of some kind. FBI's best hope is that Ward Churchill wins within the next couple months. In that circumstance, MIM would let by-gones be by-gones.


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