Friday, April 20, 2007

Who Gagged Kenny Bonetti?

University of Colorado academic adviser and "peace activist" Ken Bonetti, the contact person beating the drums for Ward Churchill's 4-28-07 Pep Rally, says that that "'media,' but no one else," can record the speakers at this event. Bonetti claims that a DVD [video] will be made.

It appears that the University of Colorado is now letting the partisans [video] of the Tenured Plagiarist of Ethnic Studies define what is media.

In the USSR, writers, reporters, news organizations, and other independent organizations were banned unless they were registered by the party in power. Only people who toed the party line [video] were given registration and permitted to write or report the news.

In the Soviet Union, the ideological noose was tightened on writers, media, and other organizations by ordering frequent reregistrations. Organizations that failed to get registered or reregistered became illegal. Writers who weren't members of the writers' union were not permitted to publish. This process came to be known as a purge.

A Russian photographer explains why he collaborated with the regime [video], even though he was horrified by the regime's brutality. He was young; he had a new job and he didn't want to "lose everything." [The Church of Christ the Savior--destroyed by Stalin and shown in this video--was rebuilt during the Yeltsin years.]

Communists have registrations and reregistrations (purges) because they are afraid to compete in the marketplace of ideas.

I would like to know how Wardo's apparatchik Bonetti defines "media."

I wonder what would happen if Bonetti took a flyer [video] and invited bloggers [video] to tape and photograph the meeting? Is Bonetti free to do that? He is in charge of the arrangements, right? Right?

Free Kenny Bonetti!


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