Monday, August 13, 2007

Oops! Ward Churchill Commits Self-Censorship

"We won't need this anymore."---the Maoist MIM

CORRECTION: My article incorrectly states that Ward Churchill's CV omits to list his ridiculous article ["The Covert War Against American Indians"] that claims that FBI-backed death-squads murdered 342 Indians. The article is listed. I was incorrect to say the article was not listed. I have a problem with one eye that is acting up, but I should have been more careful.

Still, I think everyone should read Churchill's 1985 C.A.I.B. article and consider the fact that the British scholar Christopher Andrew and the Soviet defector Vasili Mitrokhin claim that the Soviet KGB supplied the C.A.I.B. with propaganda designed to compromise the American government. [The Sword and Shield pages 232-234].

Also, consider if you think that the FBI would back death-squads in order to kill hundreds of Indians.

Here is the citation from Churchill's CV:

"Special focus section on repression of the American Indian Movement, including two feature pieces ("The Covert War Against American Indians"[pp. 16-21] and "The Strange Case of ’Wild Bill’ Jank-low" [pp. 22-4]) and three sidebars ("Profile of an Informer" [pp. 18-21], "Dennis Banks" [p. 24] and "The FBI at Pine Ridge: 1973-1976" [pp. 26-7, 29]), CovertAction Information Bulletin, No. 24 (July 1985) pp. 16-29. (The late William Kunstler also contributed an article titled "The Ordeal of Leonard Peltier" to the section [pp. 25-9])"

Original article--note correction above:

The totally discredited Plagiarist of Ethnic Studies Ward Churchill and his defenders often claim that poor, picked-on Wardo is being censored, but I notice that Ward Churchill has omitted from his updated CV a 1985 article he wrote for the Covert Action Information Bulletin that claimed that FBI-backed death-squads murdered 342 Indians.

I have written about Churchill's 1985 article and about the the reported Soviet/Cuban sponsorship of the C.A.I.B. in my very first post here.

Some bloggers make fun of Wardo's sock puppets, but they have not yet noted that Wardo, a man of many disguises, may be a sock puppet, too.

According to his CV, Ward Churchill has written a number of articles for the Covert Action Information Bulletin. This publication was reportedly edited by Philip Agee, who was fired from the CIA and ended up living in Cuba and creating anti-American propaganda with the assistance of the Soviet and Cuban intelligence services.

A book by a British scholar, Christopher Andrew, and a Soviet defector, Vasili Mitrokhin, claims that the Soviet KGB supplied the C.A.I.B. with propaganda designed to compromise the American government. [The Sword and Shield pages 232-234].

Agee, who has also evidently advised on films in which Ward Churchill appears, claims he became disillusioned with the CIA because they didn't support democracy in Central and South America, but I never noticed that Castro was a democrat.

I wonder why all these professors who are so informed about Ward Churchill's scholarship have never read the book by Andrew and Mitrokhin or noticed that Churchill wrote for the C.A.I.B., which has been described as a mouthpiece for the Soviet/Cuban security services.


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